Democrat Congressman Handcuffed After Refusing To Comply With Police & Federal ICE Officers


Luis Guiterrez arrested

Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez, (Pictured Above) Was Placed In Handcuffs For Refusing To Leave A Meeting Between ICE Officials And Other Members Of The Community

This past Presidential election has taught the United States two rather important lessons. The first is that America DOES want to thrive again, as evidenced by the victory of Donald Trump. However, the second lesson is that the Democrats are a rather stubborn group.

It’s nearly two months into Trump’s first term as President, and there are still Democrats that are proclaiming he isn’t their leader. It must be a common personality trait for anyone that wants to vote Democrat because these Party members just don’t know when to give up. That includes if they are threatened with handcuffs.

Yes, even under threat of being arrested, the Democrats still don’t know when to give up. It’s literally stupidity at its finest, but they have to keep themselves entertained somehow. They will literally be arrested time and time again just to prove a point.

This just happened with a Democratic Representative from Illinois. Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) was placed in handcuffs by the police on Monday because he refused to leave an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office located in Chicago. Wow, another Democrat arrested for refusing to leave. In other breaking news, water is wet.

Gutierrez, who has been an extremely vocal advocate for immigration reform, was sitting in on a meeting between ICE officials, immigration lawyers, activists, community leaders and other elected officials, as reported by NBC Chicago.

When asked what the meeting was about, Gutierrez’s director of communications, Doug Rivlin, answered, “They were asking about specific cases and about the general conduct of ICE and deportations.” The meeting must have been tense, as after it ended, Gutierrez refused to leave the office, which lead to him being handcuffed.

ICE Agents serving as law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws.

When Asked About ICE Deportations, Gutierrez Wasn’t Given An Answer He Liked. As A Result, He Refused To Leave.

Rivlin also answered why that happened. “The congressman has decided that he did not get the answers he was looking for from the ICE regional director and he’s going to be staying inside until he gets answers, even if that means risking arrest.” So because he didn’t get what he wanted, it entitles the congressman to just do what he wants? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

Rivlin also released another statement later on. He said, “There has been no dialogue, no transparency, no consultation, and no accountability – just like every other aspect of how this White House does business. It is heavy-handed government in secret all to make the new strongman President look tough and to satisfy the cravings of his coliseum audience for some immigrants to sacrifice.”

Those sacrificing immigrants are ILLEGAL. That means they shouldn’t be in the country in the first place! Why is that so hard for Democrats to understand?

A spokeswoman for ICE, Gail Montenegro, said that the police took action after the congressman had made demands that the ICE officials couldn’t agree to. After that, he refused to leave the premises, which resulted in the police being called.

“However, when the Congressman sought actions and assurances that ICE officials couldn’t provide, he and other meeting attendees staged a sit-in and refused to leave the ERO office at the conclusion of the meeting,” said Montenegro.

Gutierrez himself released a tweet after he was released. In his statement, he admitted that he wasn’t sure if he was going to be formally arrested or not. On Twitter, he wrote, “I was arrested, cuffed then cuffs were cut off. Waiting on further word on if/when we will be arrested.”

The Congressman wasn’t alone as there were seven other people that were in attendance at the meeting that refused to leave as well. Montenegro also said that some officials had asked Federal Protective Services (FPS) to get rid of Gutierrez and the other protesters, but later stopped that request.

“[T]hey were briefly placed in flexible plastic restraints before ICE officials relayed that they no longer wanted the individuals removed from the building.” That wasn’t all, as the protesters have not been cited for their actions.

“The Congressman and other individuals were placed in the restraints for approximately two minutes before the flex cuffs were removed by FPS. FPS did not cite these individuals.” Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time that Gutierrez has been arrested.

He was also arrested outside the White House for protesting back in 2011. So Democrats will continue to protest until they get their way. No wonder they suffered a devastating defeat in last year’s elections. People are tired of seeing them protest and act like whiny children nearly every day.

Either they are protesting Trump, or found out Southwest has free snacks on their flights.

People Are Getting Sick And Tired Of Hearing About Democratic Protests All The Time

Then again, this is a group that doesn’t know when to stop. Back when President Donald Trump was giving his first speech to Congress, some Democrats in attendance thought that they would make a statement and bring some illegal immigrants in protest of an order from Trump. They’re going to keep this up until they can get what they want.

Not to mention that this is a group that will protest anything and anything they can. A group of Democrats attempted to make a last-ditch effort to stop the confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Ultimately it failed, but the fact of the matter remains that they kept it up because they couldn’t handle him in power.

Share this article to show that a Democratic Representative was arrested when he refused to exit a meeting between ICE officials and several other members. In other words, he threw a fit because it didn’t go his way. So to combat that, he was going to stay in his seat until he got answers. No wonder the police were called.


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