TRADE WAR BEGINS: Expat in Mexico explains the real deal

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The comment posted below is an excellent example of citizen journalism at work.  It appeared under an article with the following title:

“First Shot Fired in Trade War, Mexico Cancels Sugar Exports to America”

Here’s the link:

It explains what you will never read in the MSM about what is really going on in Mexico, and with the USA.  It’s been clear from the onset that Mexico would be used as a cat’s paw by the Deep State leadership.  And that a very compromised El Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto will be used to carry out their economic sabotage.
Economic Sabotage & Financial Terrorism: The Primary Weapons Deep State Will Use Against The Trump Administration


“I am an expat living in Mexico so I have plenty of sugar. Peña Nieto is a soap opera star turned politician and is gay and has a beard wife.  Frankly, the Country is controlled by the drug cartels.  Don’t get the wrong idea: this does not make the country a dangerous place to live unless of course you’re tied up in the drug trade.  This is the real problem. Daddy Bush had an agreement with a prior president of Mexico who was also gay (I have nothing against gay people; I am just stating facts) that Mexico could ship as much drugs as they want to the U.S. The back story on this is amazing, but you will have to do your own research as it involves an MKUltra male sex slave and the then President of Mexico.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Neito has made a very big mistake because he can ship to the USA with no tariff but if I order an auto part from the US, I will pay a a 10% tariff.  If Trump imposes a tariff, Mexico’s goes broke; you see the US buys 85% of Mexico’s goods. Yes, we need a wall to keep the drugs out as well as illegals.  Make no mistake: this whole Mexican thing is all about keeping the flow of drugs and money going so the children of America and adults can become controlled by the Deep State.  The corruption is so deep in Mexico from the beat cop, to his boss, to the Federal Police, to the Military.  I keep my drivers license wrapped in a 200 peso note (≈10 bucks) which usually gets me out of anything. Talk about a Country thats top heavy.  The minimum wage is $80.04Mx an hour or $4.00.  My point: Nieto is messing with the wrong guy who could send Mexico into a depression almost immediately.”


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