MILO: A Trojan horse who was found out


Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t have a social conservative bone in his
body; hence, he has no business being an Alt Right spokesperson

State of the Nation

Whether he knew it or not, Milo Yiannopoulos was an extremely dangerous Trojan horse within the Alt Right movement.  Even though he, himself, he did not even consider himself a member of the Alt Right movement, he clearly functioned as one.

Therefore, the time would surely arrive when he would be ignominiously dumped by the movement. Yes, he has a right to his opinion, but not as a leader of this vital movement. Given his constant preoccupation with his sexual orientation (and other personal matters), he was doomed to fall sooner or later.

For the good of the Alt Right movement

There are many on the Right who are quite relieved, and happy, but especially relieved about Milo’s downfall.  He was setting a very bad example for the younger generations. The blatant lifestyle which he was so proud of is his personal business, but he made it everyone’s business.  That’s not what the body politic needs right now, particularly as it finds itself in the throes of the Purple Revolution.

Is an American Coup d’état in Progress?

This is exactly what the LGBTQ agenda is all about—foisting sexual deviance on people everywhere.  Furthermore, the LGBTTTT crowd had so normalized all of their perversions that they have become mainstreamed throughout urban America.  This single development has proven to be an unmitigated disaster for the nation.  And all Milo has done is throw fuel on this already raging fire.

Given the way that so many conservative groups and Republican organizations had so readily accepted Milo and his narratives (some of his perceptions were right on target, by the way) it seemed that he was being pushed — aggressively — by the gay Right.  That they were quite purposefully using him as Trojan horse to advance their own liberalizing agenda within the party.  In this way, so many closet homosexuals and secret pedophiles would not feel so bad about their homosexual and pedophiliac behaviors.

A Trojan Horse

Milo Yiannopoulos was most likely set up to be the Trojan horse that he unwittingly is. Yes, there is a distinct possibility that he knew exactly what he was doing, but if that was the case, then he would likely have been outed by a co-conspirator(s) long before now. Those dark, dirty secrets do not last very long with the Internet cranking out exposés 24/7.

What better way for the Left to destroy the Right than to send in one of their own to make it so cool to be a radioactively political gay man.  Milo’s whole schtick revolved to an inordinate degree around his sexuality.  His homosexuality formed way too much of his narrative.  Because his story — real or imagined — even bordered on pedophilia, he set himself up for his own destruction.

In light of the Washington, D.C. Pizzagate scandal, as well as the global Pedogate conspiracy,  it is quite doubtful that MILO will ever recover. The furtive social engineers who were really behind the whole Milo phenomenon had high hopes that he would continue to spread his story far and wide, not just within the Right, but throughout all of American society.  In this way they were sure he would trigger many of like mind to establish an LGBTQ sub-movement within the Alt Right.

In other words, Milo was a remote Trojan horse creating more many more just like himself so that the Right would eventually be taken over by them; just like the LGBTQ movement has completely taken over the Democratic party.  The liberals, progressives, lefties and DINOs have made the LGBTQ agenda the central plank of their platform, so much have they been taken over by it.

Fortunately for the Trump movement, Milo has been dispatched to the political waterless region.  We the People have been enlightened about certain important matters which only Milo could do, incidentally.  And for these very unique revelations about the inside story about how the gay political world really works, the American people ought to be very grateful. However, the nation now finds itself entering an unparalleled revolutionary period during which there will be no time and/or energy for dealing with such distractions.


Do you see, now, how this is done?  And no one is even talking about it.  Yes, they are bringing up Milo’s rapid descent all over the social networks, but not discussing what his real mission was.

Talk about a stealthy British Invasion!   Yet another one launched right from the Tavistock Institute in the City of London.  Only this 21st century invasion is a very serious social engineering endeavor designed to further tear apart the social fabric of American society.

This hapless goal — to quickly tear the social fabric beyond repair — must be stopped post haste. But that can only be accomplished if the U.S. citizenry becomes aware of such a perfidious and deliberate scheme.  Now that Milo has been effectively removed from American civil society, perhaps his rise and fall can be disseminated as a cautionary tale.

In the meantime, may this exposé serve as a warning to those who must be informed throughout the USA in order to terminate this purposeful and surreptitious plot by the Left.  The Trump Administration would be well served by this post, especially since Milo had been referring to Trump as “Daddy” for some time now.  Not good … not good at all!

State of the Nation
February 21, 2017


Milo Yiannopoulos should NOT be a spokesperson for the Alt Right

Milo has no place in social conservatism, doing major damage to the Right



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