Are More Wars On The Way?


Encinitas, CA
February 8, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Trump is failing to keep his campaign promise to have better relations with
Russia by embracing the lies of Obama regarding Crimea, Iran and Syria.

His entire cabinet and most of Congress are on board to promote the failed
policies of Bush, Obama and Clinton for Pax Americana.

I would describe the situation as bleak and growing worse by the day. The
announcement of his selection of Eliot Abrams to be the #2 official in his
State Department implies Trump is opting for the disastrous Neocon/Neoliberal
approach he campaigned against.

His unqualified support of Israel and Saudi Arabia can only mean more war
in the region and the virtual impossibility of improved relations with Russia.

Threatening China over its island bases in the South China Sea escalates
the potential for confrontation and rejects the possibility of mutual support
for economic development.

Trump is proving to be the nightmare predicted by those on the Left that saw
him as a likely tyrant. The honest Tea Party types who believed his pledge to
“make America great again” by foregoing foreign entanglements are witnessing
his duplicity.

Launching a raid into Yemen a few days into his term that supports the devastating
Saudi war on that poor nation while relentlessly demonizing Iran demonstrates a
failure to distance himself from the failed policies of his predecessors and an
abandonment of his Inaugural pledge to stop interfering in the internal affairs of
other nations.

Are we on the brink of WWIII? Are more wars on the way? As things now stand,
Trump has badly fumbled a golden opportunity to set a new tone for international
relations, especially with Russia and China.

Sadly he continues the slide towards military confrontation expected by those who
feared a Hillary presidency and demonstrates again the futility of electoral politics
for achieving real change at this stage of the 21st Century.

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