A Big Deal For Trump With Russia and China


Thousand Oaks, CA
January 15, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Donald Trump likes to think Big! Well here is a HUGE idea for the
man who is about to enter the Oval Office and claims excellence
in The Art of the Deal!

The new president should step up early in his term and reach out
aggressively to both Russia and China to promote peace and
economic prosperity for all.

He can do so readily by embracing the invitation from China to
join the Asia International Investment Band and to Putin’s offer
of cooperation.

Trump should also be open to the entire BRICS project that is
transforming Eurasia into a New Silk Road of growth for its
many participants.

These concrete steps will diffuse Cold War 2 and stop the
enormous waste of resources on new weapons and endless wars.

Instead of confronting Russia in Eastern Europe and the Middle
East along with China in the South China Sea, President Trump
can promote global economic development as outlined by EIR that
sees the potential for dramatic change. http://worldlandbridge.com/

This would constitute a win/win/win for the 3 big powers and
the rest of the world as well. It would allow them to focus on
common problems to maximize good relations and stability.

President Trump can promise his countrymen a global peace
dividend that will impact other nations as well.

He must forgo efforts to split China and Russia by rejecting the
Kissinger approach to foreign policy. Please drain the swamp,
Mr. President, and look to a better future with less war and far
more prosperity. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=62192

Please transcend the clamor from the vocal minority in the
leadership of both US political parties who advocate the failed
policy of Pax American that leads to regime change, foreign
interventions and preemptive wars of aggression.

The Neocons and Neoliberals who call for sanctions to punish the
“bad behavior” of other countries have bankrupted our national treasury
while depleting our goodwill and global reputation for decency!

Yes, President Trump: Make America Great Again by creating a
“Big Deal” with Russia and China. Do so in the spirit of Ronald Reagan
who envisioned our nation as “A Shining City on a Hill!” But do so in
a loving manner that rejects the arrogance of “American Exceptionalism”
and takes note that there are other creative entities with their own
self interests occupying the same Hill, i. e. Planet Earth!

Instead of the dark, totalitarian specter of the Globalists longing for a
New World Order, please transform their vision into a more enlightened
and empowering one that is inclusive.

Please put the Trump brand on your legacy now by meeting with President
Putin and President Xi in the immediate future to forge a new plan for posterity.
You can make a “Big Deal” that is truly HUGE by bringing the promise of peace
and prosperity to us all!

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