Trump: Only “Stupid” People Want War With Russia!


Carlsbad, CA
January 8, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Trump is correct in his assessment that better relations with Russia are a good
thing and that only folks who lack sound judgment want a war with the nuclear
armed Bear.

Sadly, there are lots of stupid people, many of whom are high officials and leading
voices in the Main Stream Media.

At the top of the list has to be John McCain and Lindsey Graham along with
George Soros:

In one of the most chilling videos I have seen in a long time, the two Neocon
senators address Ukraine President Poroshenko and some of his crack troops
calling for “an end to Russian aggression” and “the need to stop Putin!”

The constant drumbeat of negativity pouring out against Putin and the dubious
claims that he led an effort to get Trump elected are endangering prospects for
peace while constraining the new president’s ability to improve relations with the

The shackles are more formidable than most people realize and include a
significant restraint on presidential power in the recently passed National
Defense Authorization Act of 2017.

That bill bars the Chief Executive from any positive actions of working with
the Russians unless and until they return Crimea to Ukrainian control and
withdraw support for ethnic Russians in the Donbass.

Neither of those things are likely to happen in the foreseeable future………
or ever in the opinion of many observers.

These and other hurdles designed to delegitimize Trump’s presidency
before it even begins are what awaits him in the days ahead. Many
believe he will be able to prevail against his many opponents by rallying
his followers via Twitter as well as relying on the inherent good will of
the American people to resist the forces of evil that are welling up
around us.

Hopefully they are correct. We will see soon enough!

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