Bipartisan Assault From Welfare/Warfare State Supporters Awaits Trump!

Carlsbad, CA
January 6, 2016

by Rich Scheck

The massive assault on the forthcoming presidency of Donald Trump from both the left
and right is unprecedented in American history.

With uber-hawk John McCain doing everything he and his mini-me pal Lindsay Graham
can do to trigger a conflict with Russia, these unofficial spokesmen for the military-industrial complex war machine are playing their part perfectly:

Their comments in Ukraine, combined with their efforts to blame Putin for hacking the 2016 election, reflect an intense hatred of Russia and irrational push to unleash the dogs of war against that powerful nation.

On the left, the “anti-fascist” fascists who proclaim to love humanity are organizing their
campaign to eviscerate the Trump presidency before it even begins with the prospect
of widespread civil disobedience in the week prior to the Inauguration:

It seems to me that this crew are about to create a self-fulfilling prophecy wherein their
tactics will inevitably force Trump to initiate drastic measures including possibly martial
law in order to quell the likely disturbances.

The bulk of the population rejects the prospect of more foreign conflicts from the Warfare
State while eschewing the radical egalitarian demands from those who represent the
Welfare State.

Despite the election results, we have two factions emerging during the transition period
that will cause the new incumbent unending headaches during his supposed honeymoon
period. One faction wants the Clinton/McCain Globalist agenda of US hegemony. The
other wants the Bernie Sanders Socialist plan for America and point to Trump’s many
inflammatory comments about women, minorities and Muslims as justification for labeling him a fascist!

The populist plea for less war, less government intrusion in our lives and a vibrant
economy based on sound money is about to be overwhelmed by the coming discord
that is in some ways reminiscent of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

I continue to believe that we long ago passed the tipping point of peaceful transition to
a better future and that these events demonstrate that the Empire is imploding.

The good news is that once we hit bottom, the potential for true positive change and
a rebuilding of the nation’s fabric based on solid values can emerge:

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