Disturbing Artwork Has Been Found In Comet Ping Pong, Is This Modern Art Or Sinister Clues?


By Belle Jones
Fury News

Recently we have heard a lot about fake news in the mainstream media by liberal hacks. The talking heads have determined that any site that seeks the truth is fake and must be stopped. Sadly, there are those out there that do promote fake news stories, but the fact that most of these sites are conservatives tell a more sinister tale.

Ever since Donald Trump won the election the media has been “reporting” that the reason Hillary Clinton lost was from conspiracy sites and misinformation. One of those new stories they have attacked with vitriol is #PizzaGate.

After Julian Assange released emails that paint Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and his brother Tony as sexual predators. Considering how close those two work together it only stands to reason that Clinton would have some knowledge of their extracurricular activities. I must also point out that despite Hillary Clinton, and her minions there has been no evidence that shows Assange being a sexual predator.

The establishment of these nefarious acts is a kid friendly pizza restaurant named Comet Ping Pong and the artwork on their walls is hardly innocent. To start out you must know a bit about James Alefantis, the owner of the Comet Ping Pong, and for the record, he is not a humble pizza man.

Alefantis actually was ranked 49 out of 50 of the “Most Powerful People In Washington” by GQ Magazine. Not too bad for someone who pushes pizza for a living, eh? If you dig just a bit deeper you will be able to see that Alefantis, John Podesta, and Hillary Clinton are all connected. In fact, there have been various fundraisers held at Comet Ping Pong such as one called Pizza for Hillary that was held on April 10, 2016.

Which brings us to the artwork that is displayed in this eatery, and it will truly turn your stomach. One of the murals created is by an artist named Arrington de Dionyso, and you can see adults holding the heads of smaller individuals. Take a look at these paintings and you be the judge if this is modern art or clues to something far more heinous.


Here is more of the depraved art hanging on the walls of Comet Ping Pong:




screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-1-07-46-pmNow I am not a detective, but I am someone that desires to know the truth. I find that these paintings coupled with the allegations should bring about a full investigation into this establishment. No one should be above the law, but it seems that our current government has now decided to brush this under the rug, and then attack those who are trying to expose it. I pray that someone has the balls to crack this wide open and save these children from this terrible abuse.

What do you think? Does this “artwork” convince you that something horrific is taking place?


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