Kerry Throws Doubt on Anonymous “Intelligence” Reports on Russian Hacks


Nee To Know Network

On Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry appeared before reporters to deliver a statement on the crisis in Syria. After giving his statement, a reporter asked Kerry if he had any comment on reports that Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian hacks that might have influenced the presidential election.

“Well, let me – look, I am not going to start making comments at this point. I haven’t commented on this publicly because of the job I do,” Kerry told the reporter.

“I’m not going to comment on anonymous reports from intelligence officials that are not identified that have quotes around the concept of intelligence officials,” Kerry went on to say, putting “intelligence officials” in air quotes.

Questioning the validity of these sources is something that members of Donald Trump’s transition team have been doing for days. Members of the media, however, don’t seem to think this is an issue. It seems as though the sitting secretary of state does.

Watch incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on “intelligence officials:”

Watch RNC’s Sean Spicer on “intelligence officials:”


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