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Latest Update from JIM STONE (Investigative Journalist):

A statement of what for me is obvious

by Jim Stone


I laugh at the posts saying the Rockefellers are for him and the Rothchilds are for him and all the masonic B.S. that is such PATENT BS, a manure pit pothole on the information highway. Want to know how I know? EASY:

Because the Rothchilds did not want Brexit and are trying to overturn it, and Trump was gas on that fire. Because the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and Soros helped Hillary and own the MSM. Just look at how the MSM is doing back flips to destroy Trump. WAKE UP, I pray the bulk of the people are not stupid enough to buy the line that “the elite are all in for Trump”.

FACT: Rockefeller, Rothchild and Soros want a New World Order. Trump is a stiff nationalist that will probably kill their dreams. They HATE HIM. SO WHAT if Trump’s cabinet has a few billionaires and other “stooges” because they are well placed and where it really matters he is putting people who really count. The “stooges” are getting placed only because of their skill set and connections Trump thinks will be a net benefit. Trumps other picks equal Death to climate change. Death to the EPA. Death to forced vaccines. Death to schools as indoctrination centers. DEATH to infiltrated intelligence agencies that only serve the elite. And LIFE to space exploration and industry and the American worker. As far as I see it, TRUMP IS KICKING @SS ALREADY, do not be fooled by trolls into thinking otherwise. And don’t bother messaging me saying how wrong I am, because you’ll just bounce off my head like silly putty.

In response to my anti trust-kill-Google-Microsoft-and Facebook post

Anonymous sent:

“Getting rid of Google? You are not thinking. There are to many people who benefit from YouYube. Killing Google or storming Google cutting them off from the internet wouldn’t help anything. Let’s take a breather and think things through better.

My response: I think many steps ahead. FACT: THEY BROKE UP THE TELECOMS WITH THE ANTI TRUST LAWS AND NOT A SINGLE PHONE CALL WAS DROPPED. Figure that, and then talk doom. There is simply nothing to lose by killing Google and more, and everything to gain. They have sown what they shall reap, and are a running tyranny. No tears shut down.

Question about faithless electors

Anonymous sent:

Question: If the State certifies the electors, and then they don’t vote according to what the State assumed they would, can they still replace them as late as December 19 if their state laws allows a replacement for faithless voting?

My response: YES. The ONLY time they can be replaced is AFTER they fail to do their job. That would be done after they vote on the 19th. In 29 states, the replacement is automatic and it is punishable. In the remaining states, the party can replace them also. The entire electoral college approach seems stupid once you really look into it, the chances are NIL. HOWEVER, if no replacement is assigned, the vote becomes void in 29 states and it might stick in the remaining 21. With a replacement there, the party can ditch the elector and immediately have a back up voter there. You can bet that will happen. It is not required, but you can BET Trump has this set up.

The chances really are nil, and that is not a guess. The lead Trump has is just simply too much to overcome this way.

The scenario that would have a chance to work? Have Trump at 275 or less. Then, in states where it will not be punished, swing more than 5 electors. THEN HOPE THERE IS NOT A BACK UP READY ANYWHERE.

They are not going to flip the electoral college absent 50 murders and druggings. And then they have the electoral college bugging out on Hillary, where they too can swing their votes. PREDICTION: Trump will get MORE electoral college votes than he already has. The Democrats really do hate Hillary that much. We need to worry about other things now that the recounts have been toasted and the whole “Russian hacker” thing has blown up. That was stupidity beyond the cusp of madness that died the way it should. Amen to the MSM fake narrative.

Want to know who’s winning? Look at Google’s pathetic behavior. They just made holocaust denial a preferred search term, AS IF ANYONE IN THE ALT MEDIA WOULD CARE. We don’t need an education on the holocaust yet these people are so pathetic they think that will earn them points at the last minute. If I was Trump, I’d immediately storm GOOGLE and thermite everything they have. I’d then cut them off the web completely and delete the domain so they would be erased and tell the stock holders TOO BAD, BAD INVESTMENT, you should have had better morals than to dabble in that.

I’d then commandeer Gmail, give people a month to bail out of Gmail and/or simply make it public and that would be that. Google ads could be commandeered also and kept running long enough to phase out. Google is THAT BAD. They need to be dealt with THAT HARSHLY, and DITTO for Facebook and Microsoft. They went where NO ONE should have gone on the morality scale, SHUTDOWN IS THE ONLY ANSWER.


It can happen with the anti trust laws. People – do you realize America has laws against companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook? Do you realize they broke the law BIG TIME by denying ads to this site, and many others? That is what the anti trust laws are supposed to prevent. They are TOO POWERFUL, TOO DOMINANT, AND TOO TREASONOUS. Trump could NUKE THEM and it would be perfectly legal. I HOPE HE DOES. Ditto for CNN and the mega media groups. LAWS ARE ON THE BOOKS ALREADY TO TOAST THEM INTO OBLIVION. Those laws have been applied before, it is high time they get applied again. NATIONAL EMERGENCY SAYS APPLY THEM AGAIN, we simply cannot have such treasonous bastards with so much power. Any responsible government would WIPE THEM OUT.

We’ll have to make sure America’s election process is completely hosed down with raid and bleach over the next two years, and when people vote mid term we might get a government that will cooperate well enough to WIPE THEM OUT.

Don’t worry about the electoral college. Look to other things now.

Just to repeat:

They do not have enough electors to flip the electoral college away from Trump. THEY ONLY HAVE ONE, and he is being replaced. What does exist in the electoral college? VOTERS NOT VOTING FOR HILLARY. Yep. Hillary is even more hated by the Democrats than the Republicans hate Trump. That’s a cold hard fact. And there are so many electoral college voters who will not vote for Hillary that if she had Trump’s lead, it would be in danger of being lost.

Now, to be clear, the Hillary votes are not going to go to Trump as far as I know, because they hate Trump too. But don’t bet on them swinging the electoral college away from trump, ALL 20 OR SO VOTERS ARE MOVING AWAY FROM HILLARY, NOT TRUMP.

I don’t know how Alex has missed this. And this is not a guess, I have gone all over the web looking for answers on this topic, and they always come up the same:

  1. There is a massive effort underway to get electors to not vote for Trump. To such an extent there are huge money bribes, death threats, and threats against family and no one is moving an inch, except for one who will be replaced.
  1. There actually are electors that are not going to vote for Hillary, large numbers of them, and they really have set up an organization called the Hamilton Electors. But if that group stays all Democrats, it is not going to flip anything. HEY LOOK AT THE DATE: IT IS THE 14th. CLOCK IS RUNNING OUT, WITH NO PROGRESS. I won’t even say “little” progress, folks, there has been NO PROGRESS.

Alex is all flipped out because he thinks he’s getting shut down. That would probably be true if Hillary somehow skated in, but from where I stand, after being flipped out on this topic looking for any evidence of that being the case, the case just is not there.

  1. The Russia hack thing failed. They figured they’d get miles out of that, but they jumped the gun with it and did it too soon. WAY TOO MUCH TIME has passed and the republican electors are not stupid. The word has already rapidly spread about it being a hoax fronted by rogues, and now that word has spread, it is seeping into the last few holes. I’d bet there are fewer than 10 Republican electors that do not know it was a hoax.

My big worry is whatever they think of next. They have no intentions of giving up, see the next post.

This sums up what is happening against Trump beautifully!

Anonymous sent:


Rothschilds Panic Over Trump

The Rothschild men are silent but a Baroness reveals they regard Trump as the most serious threat to their New World Order since Napoleon. Hysterical Twitter feed by a mystery Rothschild Baroness indicates they hate Trump and will do anything to restore their hegemony. They are orchestrating the anti-Trump campaign and will not stop until Trump is removed. We are not witnessing short-term disappointment. This is the beginning of a fight to the finish.”

My response: DEAR PUTIN: PLEASE “INTERFERE” WITH THE ELECTION BY NUKING THE CITY OF LONDON FINANCIAL DISTRICT. Also, Soros, Rockefeller, and Bill Gates would be good on your short list.

did this line make it


Anonymous sent:

Hi Jim… I appreciate your work, bless you… I tried to send a message to Infowars.com today about the Hatch Act (because they are not covering it at all an it seems it might be a good remedy option for all these attacks) and the contact windows are both not working… I got this message… “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.” Do you think this might be an example of the communications cutoff that you have been describing, or perhaps some other issue? Thanks..”

My response:

That is EXACTLY the type of thing I am talking about. And I need to update something again (in case people missed it) – The Hatch Act applies to Jill Stein and the CIA, not the MSM. I erroneously reported the MSM could be held accountable but they cannot with the current climate. However, the CIA, McCain and all others involved with this “Russian hack” B.S. can be sent directly to prison for YEARS over what they are doing if the Hatch act is applied.

…..And the back channel censorship continues.

This is worth a read.

Though I think it will be kept under control, this is well worth considering. This is a quote from an article by The Millennium Report:

“This ongoing election theft appears to have multiple scheme variations depending on which electors can be bribed or blackmailed, coerced or compelled to change their votes. When one elector proves to be impervious to blackmail, they try a bribe. When both fail, they threaten his family. Then they threaten him with torture or death. Of course, there are many other ways to forcefully intimidate folks so that they will obey the CIAs instructions right down to the very last detail.

Perhaps the C.I.A. has forgotten that it is both illegal for the intelligence agency to involve itself in the domestic affairs of the United States of America. Perhaps they are also ignorant of the federal statutes which pertain to electoral fraud and election theft. CIA agents are by no means immune to the various felonies which can see a convict imprisoned for a long, long time.”
(Source: ELECTORGATE: Was the anti-Trump elector blackmailed? Or bribed? Or both?)

Russian hackers did Brexit??!!??

Even Brexit is now being blamed on Russian hackers!!! WHAT A LAUGH, you mean to tell me that the liberal left, which always was communist are blaming a former communist state of hacking them, and that’s why they are losing?

That is dangerously desperate. Dangerously stupid.

The censorship of the “back channels” is continuing unabated

It is the worst I have EVER seen it. I still have not figured out why they are doing it, but it definitely means something big is afoot.

The GOP is fighting back against the electoral college steal

As I have said, only ONE Republican elector has flipped, and he’s already slated for replacement, which can only happen on the day of the vote. People are worried that he has not been replaced yet. He cannot be replaced until the day of the vote, and back up electors are being placed to fill in when people do not vote the way they should. See this from Kyle Cheney of Politico, I am not the only one saying this:

By KYLE CHENEY 12/13/16 05:03 AM EST

The Republican National Committee is overseeing an expansive whip operation designed to lock down Donald Trump’s Electoral College majority and ensure that the 306 Republican electors cast their votes for the president-elect.

Two RNC sources familiar with the effort said the committee – with the assistance of state Republican parties and the Trump campaign – have been in touch with most of the GOP electors multiple times, and has concluded that only one is a risk to cast a vote against Trump on Dec. 19, when the Electoral College meets.

The RNC’s elector head count, the sources emphasized, is standard practice in presidential election years. But this year it also serves as an early-warning system for potentially wayward GOP electors amid an intense push by Democratic electors to convince 37 of their Republican counterparts to jump ship. The Democrats are hoping that dozens of GOP electors – many of whom were picked at local conventions and party meetings dominated by Trump’s opponents – are already primed to resist Trump.

“The state Republican parties in the states that went for Trump are heavily invested in this process, ” said one of the RNC sources. “It’s a matter of personal pride for a state party chairman and a state party to ensure that all the electors that their people elected vote, and vote in the manner in which they’re supposed to.”

State party leaders, the RNC sources said, are in frequent communication with electors through phone calls and letters. They have identified multiple points of contact for the GOP electors and also monitor their social media, all to guard against the prospect of electors voting for someone other than Trump. Arizona GOP Chairman Robert Graham confirmed that, along with RNC and Trump campaign officials, he’s been in contact with the state’s 11 Republican electors and is confident that all will back Trump. That kind of due diligence is critical, he said, as Democrats lobby Republican electors to bail on Trump. “I think it’s a smart thing for the RNC and Trump campaign to do just to get a feel for it, ” he said. “It’s good strategic cooperation. I think right now, they’re getting a pretty consistent message back from the states that everything’s good.”

Several Republican electors contacted by POLITICO reported receiving calls or letters from their state parties reminding them of their duties, as well as outreach from Trump campaign officials intended to ensure they understood their logistical responsibilities.

Jim Rhoades, a Michigan Republican elector, said he called the state party himself – no outreach was necessary because he’s a solidly pro-Trump vote. “I wouldn’t expect them to [call], ” he said. “?They know where I stand, I don’t think that they’re going to concern themselves with me.”

Many electors, including Rhoades, have reported receiving thousands of emails a day from people attempting to convince them to reject Trump.

To date, just one Republican – Chris Suprun of Texas – has publicly revealed an intention to cast a vote for someone other than Trump.


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