How MSM-manufactured fake news kept Hillary out of prison and running for president


HILLARY ‘Fake News’ QUEEN, Demands Censorship!

A transcript from the video at this link:

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Today they rolled out the Hildabeast; they rolled out cuckoo pants to push the ‘fake news’ meme, the ‘fake news’ narrative. Look at her eye ball; lefty is still stuck in that eye socket. I’m sorry lefty eventually you’ll get out of that eye socket; you’ll jump free of Hillary’s face.

So Hillary basically gets up here today and says “You know ‘fake news’ has real-world consequences.”

Yeah, like you losing the election,

• like you not being able to blame Russia for hacking the election,

• like the Jill Stein recounts scam failing, and being transparent, fake news Hillary,

• like when Donna Brazile slipped you all the debate questions before the debate and then you pretended to debate,

fake news like when you blamed Bill Clinton’s rapes on a vast right-wing conspiracy and destroyed the lives of his victims,

fake news like when you and Terry McAuliffe bribed the FBI and the news didn’t cover it,

fake news like the polls that had you seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven points ahead of Trump,

fake news like the PizzaGate psyop, which may be protecting very real perverts including you Hillary.

1:20  The PizzaGate phony Comet Ping-Pong set up, the attack, the fake shooting by the crisis actor at Comet Ping Pong.

1:29 • The phony Benghazi filmmaker fake news Hillary, like when you blamed the Benghazi filmmaker, the offensive YouTube video for triggering the Benghazi riots that killed ambassador Chris Stevens. Turns out the Benghazi filmmaker, his name was Nakoula Brasseley, and he was a Muslim working for the State Department, and the State Department overdubbed his entire phony film “Innocence of Muslims’ and posted it to YouTube. It was posted by the State Department [when you were Secretary of State] so there’s some more phony Fake News, Hillary.

2:95 Phony news like when you cheated during the presidential debates.

Phony news like you winning the popular vote Hillary with what? With three million illegal votes; three million votes from illegal aliens that flooded into the country thanks to George Soros, one of your top backers.

2:28 FAKE NEW HILLARY! It’s got you to where you are today, and it’s kept you out of prison!

My advice to you is “You better trigger your escape plan. You better run because fake news can’t keep you out of jail forever.” Here is how Hillary is going to vanish, when she’ll disappear. Subscribe to Barry Soetoro channel. Share this video.

2:52 Here’s another piece of fake news on the right. Right here, ‘Sandy Hook Game Over’. Watch that and you will see Hillary Clinton’s direct connection to phony fake Sandy Hook mother Francine Wheeler. Francine Wheeler is an [crisis] actress. She was the personal assistant to Hillary’s top campaign finance chairwoman. Alright so Hilary help set up the Sandy Hook gun grab; treason.

3:18 I think it’s over, I think it’s over Hilly Booboo. I think it’s over for you. Will Trump hold your feet to the fire? Well apparently not, but the American people will!

Folks, Merry Christmas. Here’s my Christmas present to you. There’s nothing fake about this news.  You can enjoy the sights and sounds of the the lamentations of Hillary voters crying in horror after Hillary lost the 2016 election.


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