PLEASE, do not watch the Marina Abramovic’s Spirit Cooking video!


The following video of Marina Abramovic’s Spirit Cooking should not be watched.  It appears under the title: “MARINA ABRAMOVIC SPIRIT COOKING”

This video has some extremely negative content in it that can profoundly affect vulnerable souls.

Only those folks who are very strong mentally and emotionally, religiously and spiritually, can watch the video without being influenced by the negative energies that are projected.

If a viewer or curiosity seeker has a doubt about their strength or conviction, it is much better NOT to watch this video.

FYI, videos like this are often disseminated in a very stealthy manner as a way of getting as many views as possible.  In the covert manner, many good souls are exposed to a Satanic worship that can deeply affect them psychologically.

This is also a way for the Satan worshippers to acquire more adherents.  They know that a certain number of people will be drawn into this web of Satanism, even if it is just idle curiosity at first.  However, it is curiosity that killed a cat one day … prematurely!

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