An Important Update from PollMole!



Hello from PollMole!

A new update is available for our Android users. Be sure to update right away for access to all the latest features!

The Election Day Edition of PollMole is being released now on Android and the website and on iOS at approximately noon Eastern Standard Time.
If you can’t download the app it means your phone is too old for us to support. Please click the vote button above to register and vote on the website.
If you have any technical issues, contact the technical support team at:

For our iOS users, an update is on the way and should be available for download this afternoon.

Also, Election Day 2016 has finally arrived. PollMole is ready to represent you in what is targeted to be the largest and most accurate Ext Poll in history!  However, you must do your part and vote.  If you have already voted in early/absentee/overseas voting, please cast your vote with PollMole now.  When you vote tomorrow, please cast your vote with PollMole then.  Participating in PollMole’s Exit Poll will help to ensure that our system of free and fair elections is secured; and that you can trust that your vote was counted accurately without any manipulation.  Since your registered vote is a legal document in the form of an Electronic Affidavit, it will empower your voice with legal standing and will be able to represent you in any contest launched to challenge the results.  Our American Constitutional Republic, is a self-governing system structured as a Representative Democracy that is admired around the world.   Your right to vote is both an honor, a privilege, and a duty as an American Citizen.  It is one of the most important things that each one of us can do to secure our liberties and make sure that our voices are heard.  Thank you for trusting us with your vote.  And be sure to tell everyone you know to participate in PollMole’s Exit Poll as well!

Empowering People, Promoting Freedom and Securing Liberty,

Your PollMole Team.


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