The Clinton Checklist: For Voters Who Want To Be Informed


The 25 Biggest Campaign Issues
of the 2016 Election Cycle


Hillary R. Clinton’s Positions

State of the Nation

This Checklist is one of two that has been prepared for voters who really care about the stated positions of their preferred candidate.  Or, about the positions of the opposing candidate.

Each item on the checklist is verified either by Hillary Clinton’s own words or by high- integrity investigative journalism.  In the latter case, the link provided represents the most authentic position of Candidate Clinton.

What follows are 25 of the most significant issues facing the American people in 2016 and beyond.  Each issue is first identified and then followed by an Internet post that most accurately represents the current position of Candidate Clinton.


1. Obamacare

Hillary Clinton Hints at a Health Care Takeover to Keep Obamacare Alive

2. Gun Control / Confiscation

Hillary Clinton Supports Australia-style Gun Confiscation

3. Illegal Immigration

Hillary Clinton Administration Wants To Legalize Illegal Immigrants In The “First 100 Days” According To Tim Kaine

4. Globalization

Clinton and Kaine become globalization’s defenders

5. Tax Increases

Full List of Hillary’s Planned Tax Hikes

6. Open Borders

Fact-Check: Yes, Hillary Clinton Wants Open Borders

7. National Debt

Yes, Hillary Clinton’s Tax Plan Would Add to the National Debt

8. Carbon Tax

Clinton open to ‘conversation’ on carbon tax

9. TBTF Banks

Too Big to Fail, Hillary-Style

10. Militarization of Law Enforcement

How the Clintons Militarized the Police and Expanded Military Industrial Complex

11. War Policy

Did Hillary Clinton Just Say She Was Okay With Going To War With Russia?

12. Freedom of Speech

Hillary Promises Limiting Free Speech Will Be One Of Her First Priorities As President

13. Second Amendment

Yes, Hillary Wants to Get Rid of the Second Amendment

14. Geoengineering / Chemtrails

DC LEAKS: Hillary Clinton Supports Geoengineering, err, Climate Intervention

15. GMOs

Hillary Clinton Pushes GMO Agenda, Hires Monsanto Lobbyist, Takes Huge Dollars from Monsanto

16. Vaccines

Hillary Clinton Is The Only Candidate Supporting Mandatory Vaccines

17. Water Fluoridation

Why has Hillary Clinton never argued against Water fluoridation?

18. Late-term Abortion

Yes, Hillary Clinton Is a Late-Term-Abortion Radical

19. Gay Marriage

Hillary Clinton supports gay marriage

20. LGBT Agenda

WikiLeaks Exposes Clinton’s LGBT Support as Scripted Political Expediency

21. Economy / Recession

Hillary Clinton’s economic agenda risks another recession

22. TTIP / TPP

Hillary Called It An ‘Economic NATO’, Now TTIP Is In Ruins

Clinton friend McAuliffe says Clinton will flip on TPP, then walks it back

23. National Security

Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisers Are a “Who’s Who” of the Warfare State

24. Police State

Welcome to Hillary Island, a Pleasant Little Police State

25. Common Core

How Common Core Fulfills Hillary Clinton’s Education Dreams


SOTN sincerely hopes that this Checklist of important issues clarifies Hillary Clinton’s positions.

State of the Nation
November 4, 2016


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