Are the MSM talking heads flipping on Hillary because they fear a Trump victory?


A Sea Change of Epic Political Proportions
Is Happening In Real Time

Weinergate completely changes the electoral calculus


Mainstream Media Must Pay Attention to the Bottom Line

U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton is disqualified from holding any public office in the United States Government

State of the Nation

It really looks like Donald Trump may have done it.

He is, after all, a business man … and he knows exactly how corporate works.

Donald knows that every mainstream media (MSM) corporation must have some access to the sitting POTUS if they are to be relevant over the next 4 years.

The media magnates are also grimly aware that Trump is no nonsense and will bar the MSM powerhouses from the White House—FOR HIS ENTIRE TERM.

Are they getting scared?

Is this election cycle getting very funny, or what?!

One day they hate Trump; the next day they love Mr. Donald J. Trump!

This is really hysterical!

As the H.M.S. Clinton slowly sinks into the sea, it has precipitated an historic sea change, particularly by the MSM heavyweights.

Who could have ever foreseen such a reversal of fortune for Hillary Clinton?

All the rats are leaving her political Titanic like their lives depend upon it.  That’s because their livelihoods really do depend upon their hasty departure.  And they better never look back, if they know what’s good for them.

Here are the first two rats to jump ship

First, there is Daniel Shoen, a longtime Clinton supporter and Democratic politico. What Shoen does, many others will pay very close attention to … and likely follow his lead.

Democratic Strategist And Clinton Ally: I Can’t Support Hillary Now

Then there is the BIGGEST talking head on network TV—Chris Matthews.  His very vocal defection from the Clinton camp will have a HUGE domino effect.  Matthews definitely knows which side his bread is buttered on.

Chris Matthews Bolts: A political sea change has been triggered by Emailgate

Now here they are IN THEIR OWN WORDS

Here’s Mr. Shoen again in an article that he himself wrote for The Hill.

Doug Schoen: Reassessing my support for Hillary Clinton

And here is Mr. Matthews is his own words during prime time.

SHOCK Endorsement Reversal: Chris Matthews Endorses Trump

Hillary can’t even draw a loyal crowd in Florida

Hillary LOSING! Booed in Pompano As Chris Matthews Betrays Her!


The unlawful candidacy of Hillary R. Clinton is effectively over.  Yes, we are writing a VERY serious political obituary.

Hillary Clinton knows that she is disqualified from being POTUS

She’s toast.  Everything points to the HRC campaign in crash and burn mode—for real! There is simply too much for her to overcome, ESPECIALLY IF SHE SOMEHOW GETS ELECTED.

Even if she stays in the race, it’s over for her.  Her prospects are dropping like cement boots in the East River.

Even if Hill and Bill and the DNC still attempt to steal this election, she will not take office. This will go down in history as Hill-Billygate, ann unending series of scandals and crime-sprees that began in the back woods of Arkansas.

She may steal the election, but that will only add tremendously to her many legal woes and political problems, criminal charges and corruption accusations, as well as medical ailments and health conditions.

Again, “Yes!”, we have just written Hillary R. Clinton’s political obituary.  And Weinergate will prove to be the silver stake that takes down the extended Clinton Crime Family.

State of the Nation
November 1, 2016


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