Clinton Puppet Master George Soros Has a New Enemy


I Don’t Think He’s Going to Enjoy This!

By It Makes Sense Blog (Reporter)


If you need any evidence that the system is rigged against regular, everyday Americans like us, look no further.

For years super rich elitists have been pulling the strings of government. They have been controlling our leaders from the shadows; even making sure their preferred choices are put into office. Anyone that defies their agenda is made sure to be destroyed.

Just take this most recent case. Joe Arpaio, considered one of the toughest sheriffs in the United States, has worked tirelessly to keep Phoenix safe from crime for years. Now with his reelection at hand, there is someone trying to undermine his bid. It’s someone we’re all too familiar with.

From AZ Family:

Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America who could face criminal charges for ignoring a judge’s order to stop targeting Latinos in anti-immigration roundups, may now have a new foe as he seeks re-election – George Soros, the billionaire liberal hedge fund tycoon.

The Republican sheriff already was battered politically and support for him had been slipping when a group linked to Soros mounted an anti-Arpaio attack in an attempt to weaken his bid for a seventh straight term.

The group started sending fliers to Phoenix-area voters two weeks ago, and a mailing last week accuses Arpaio of separating a mother from her child because of an unpaid traffic ticket, botching hundreds of sex crimes investigations and scaring immigrants so much that they don’t report crime.

Obama has been waging a war against this no-nonsense sheriff and his stance on illegal immigration. Now with his reelection coming up, another corrupt, liberal villain is trying to undermine this protector of the people.

This is nothing new. Soros has been using his billions to place select candidates into power for years, people he knows will forward a broken, liberal agenda for this country.

Over the last year, Soros contributed $3.9 million to Democrats in law enforcement political races in Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando, Houston, Albuquerque, Lowndes County in Mississippi and Caddo Parish in Louisiana, according to campaign finance records.

Soros doesn’t care if our law enforcement are weak-willed pansies who ignore law and order and make our nation unsafe. It is his plan after all: make America weak, unsecure, with a faltering economy. That will ensure he and only he will have power over us and the rest of the country.

A nation of strong, independent-minded, hard-working Americans is a rich, greedy, villain’s biggest threat. Men like Soros will do everything in their power to make sure we cannot oppose them.

It’s why the liberal elite want us dependent on the federal government for our food, money, and healthcare. We can’t demand personal liberties when we’re under the government’s thumb.

Make no mistake, any sheriff Soros backs will be weak on immigration and other crime. The Phoenix area will be flooded with more illegals, violent crime, and drugs.

If you live in the area and want it to stay safe, then there’s one thing you can still do: Vote for Arpaio!


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