The Debates Are Totally Rigged To Favor Hillary Clinton, Process Is Completely Fixed Against Donald Trump


Donald Trump’s Only Hope Is To Take His Wrecking Ball With Him To The Next One

State of the Nation

The ultra-liberal MSM simply cannot resist the temptation to rig the debates in every way possible.

Truly, these left wingers not only have no moral compass, they are unburdened by any limitation to the cheating they will employ.  They will win this election using any unfair device or cheating tactic necessary.  These folks are simply without conscience.

This first debate laid bare just how much outright deception and clandestine deceit would be utilized by the Democrats.  The common bastardization of their name on the Internet — Demoncrats — is really starting to ring true.  They are willing to violate any law, break any rule, skirt any regulation and flout any statute in the reckless pursuit of their political goals.  In a phrase they have all gone batty.

Here’s what the lawyers did.  Hillary’s Lawyers Rigged Debates

How else was the first debate rigged?

A much better question is how was it not rigged!  You name it, the organizers hardwired the whole building to Hillary’s advantage while the entire process was marshalled along to the detriment of Donald Trump.

Every critical aspect was fixed well in advance so that Hillary would look and sound great and The Donald would repeatedly find himself in a firefight.

Lester Hold was working full time for the DEMs

It’s true: Donald Trump debated Lester Hold — the highly partisan moderator — as much as he did his illegitimate opponent (Yes, Bernie Sanders really won the primary!).  As follows:

Not only was Lester Holt an obvious pawn of the DNC, he also obeyed his masters in the mainstream media (MSM).  In fact his handlers at NBC have functioned as a veritable MSM organ of Democrat propaganda throughout this entire campaign season.  Their intense anti Trump bias has been recognized by both Republicans and Democrats alike.

As a result of Holt’s transparent misconduct as a moderator, Trump found himself fighting with him as well.  The debate, then, actually turned out to be Trump versus Clinton and Holt.

Clinton got questions in advance

It appeared from the get-go that Hillary Clinton received the questions well in advance so that she could respond in a spontaneous and confident manner.  The liberal media has always done this service for Democratic debaters.  It’s now a well established MO for them. In the case of last night’s shame, the results were devastating for Trump as he was blindsided again and again.

The Donald, on the other hand, received questions which were inordinately personal and highly inappropriate.  It’s clear that Holt was given the questions from some Democratic operative at the DNC for anyone paying attention to their content.

The venue was created to favor Clinton

The venue at Hoftra University in Hempstead, New York is a liberal bastion of NYC left-wing fanatics and fake progressives.  It doesn’t get bluer than that particular locale in the very blue state of New York.  The crowd of Democrat heavy hitters assembled as if to witness a real bloodbath, which they did.  Trump got torn apart in a cat fight he had no business being in.

There was much subtle messaging going on throughout the venue that is beyond the scope of this exposé which also needs to be dissected.  Such things as he predominant colors, the seating arrangements of the VIPs, the camera angles, etc. were all calculated to confer advantage upon Clinton, which they did.

Clinton was pumped up on special performance enhancing meds

The Drudge Report posted a great graphic which sums up the shock and disbelief that many experienced at the sight of Hillary simply standing up for a straight hour and a half. How in the world did she pull that off just coming off a bout with pneumonia?

Given her well documented medical ailments and various health conditions, it was a miracle that Hillary even showed up on time without a swarm of agents assisting her every move.  Hence, there is no question that the Docs are hard at work pumping her full of whatever is necessary to keep her ambulatory… and conscious


The unwritten debate code was profoundly broken by Clinton

The biggest surprise of the evening was the extent to which Clinton went on the offensive when it is The Donald who has all the real ammunition.  Clinton, with all of her crimes and wrongdoings over a long career of criminal activity, should have had her back up against the wall the entire debate.

What appears to have happened is that Trump stuck to the code whereas Clinton abandoned it at the outset.  From that point forward it was a bloodbath with Hillary throwing daggers at will.  She went quickly into the politics of personal destruction as if she wrote the book on it.   Trump appeared blindsided and shell-shocked at the same time … and never really recovered.

Did Hillary receive extra help from DARPA

For all her publicly displayed deficits — physical and psychological, mental and emotional — Hillary Clinton quite miraculously demonstrated a command of the debate stage that was both extraordinary and inexplicable.  There are those who have pursued this investigation in the area of DARPA technology.

How Hillary Clinton Was Fed Information In the Trump Debate

There must be a rational explanation for Clinton’s stellar performance (relative to her 9/11 collapse) and this advanced DARPA communication technology provides it.  She may have been hooked up to other communication technologies which went unnoticed, but there is no doubt that she received covert assistance.

Unintended benefits for Trump

Whenever a presidential candidate decides to sling so much mud as Hillary did, they may win the debate.  However, they also reveal their true self to the viewership that is repulsed by such naked ugliness.

As a matter of fact, Clinton was so ugly last night that she lost BIG time at the polls.  Her film noir performance will most assuredly go down as one of the worst debate hit jobs ever.  These debate headlines from the Drudge Report only validate that unintended consequence for Hillary, and unexpected benefit to Trump.

*   *   *


Donald Trump was actually up against the whole system during the first debate.

Donald Trump knows that he cannot beat City Hall.

Donald Trump, therefore, would be best served by bringing his wrecking ball to the next debate in order to expose them as the thoroughly fraudulent and fixed events that they really are.

State of the Nation
September 27, 2016


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