Sessions: ‘Fundamental Truth’ in Trump’s Assertion That Obama Founded ISIS


By Mark Swanson

Sen. Jeff Sessions on Monday said Donald Trump “stirred things up” when he asserted President Barack Obama founded ISIS, but also said the Republican candidate’s comments contained a “fundamental truth.”

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” program, Sessions, R-Alabama, said the Obama administration is responsible for the rise of ISIS nonetheless.

“Everybody knows Clinton and Obama didn’t meet to plot the foundation of ISIS so yeah, he stirred things up with that comment. You could say it was smart or not smart. But in a way it had a fundamental truth to it,” Sessions said on “New Day.”

“Key errors by our own administration allowed ISIS to come on the scene in a powerful way. It has 6,000 ISIS members in Libya which Hillary Clinton overrode … now we have chaos, a million refugees there and Benghazi arising from it.”


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