4000 Hours and Counting: Will Obama Be The Disclosure President?

Fairhaven, WA
August 9, 201

by Rich Scheck

Barack Obama is scheduled to complete his second term as
President of the United States on January 20, 2017…….. or in
about 4000 hours.

Will he actually leave office? He says he is being forced out.

The President also recently stated that the Republic is near its end:

With two “despicable” candidates vying to succeed him, perhaps
he feels it best to somehow stay on and complete his “agenda.”

Whatever the case, it remains highly problematic that we will have
the kind of smooth transition that has been the hallmark of our
Constitutional Republic for over 200 years.

Both of his likely successors will bring enormous problems to the
White House that will probably prevent them from being able to
govern the nation.

Hillary, as someone whose nomination is tarnished by the recently
disclosed DNC scandal, will not be seen as a legitimate occupant
of the Oval Office, especially if it is again perceived that the election
was rigged in her favor.

Trump is also facing a huge problem of governance. His many
insensitive remarks are seen by countless women, gays, Muslims
and others as the irrational utterings of a potential tyrant.

His election will undoubtedly trigger widespread protests and
possibly civil unrest should he prevail on November 8th.

Adding to this troubling picture of contemporary American
politics is the “ET factor” or what is called the end of the
truth embargo regarding the presence of other sentient life
forms on our planet.

Some promoting Disclosure believe Obama will announce the
existence of these beings before 1/20/17, i. e. in the next
4000 hours.

With Hillary and her campaign manager, John Podesta, having
raised the issue a few times during the primary season as well
as Obama himself making references to the topic on the Jimmy
Kimmel show, these Disclosure advocates might be right.

The incumbent may want to be the one who goes down in history
as the first to acknowledge this reality, especially since if Hillary
wins, her and Bill’s previous association with the Rockefeller
Initiative means she will likely step up and do so if elected.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the weeks
ahead. Yes, 4000 hours and counting: it may get ugly but it
definitely is not boring.

Your future and the future of the planet are at stake!

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