Obama Classmate Reveals Why College Records Sealed

by da Tagliare

Why would anyone spend millions of dollars to have their college records sealed if they didn’t have something to hide?  That’s the question that Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and every American citizen should be asking Barack Obama.

The Democrats, especially Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have made a big deal of Mitt Romney’s not releasing more than two years of his income tax records.  Harry Reid accused Romney of hiding a questionable past and he did it on the Senate floor which made it a matter of Senate record.

But what is Obama hiding in his college records that he doesn’t want anyone to find out about?  I also have to wonder how much he has paid those who do know to keep it quiet?  Or were they threatened rather than paid off as it wouldn’t be the first time that has happened.  Just ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio or former President Bill Clinton.

With his college records securely sealed away, we may never know what deep dark career ending secrets they may hold, but there is someone who has a pretty good idea of just what they may be hiding.

Wayne Allyn Root is a staunch conservative who ran for Vice President of the United States in 2008 on the Libertarian Party ticket.  He also happens to have attended Columbia University at the same time that Barack Obama claims to have attended.  Not only did Root attend the same school at the same time, but they had the same major which means that they should have known each other.  But Root says he has no recollection of ever meeting Obama at school and he has talked to a number of other classmates in the same major and none of them remember him either.

Root, a successful millionaire and entrepreneur, suggests through circumstantial evidence that Obama’s college records are sealed because he attended as a foreign student under his adopted name of Soetero.  He wonders how a poor person who had mediocre grades in high school and described as a pot smoking Marxist radical, could afford to get into top and expensive colleges like Columbia and Harvard without incurring huge student loans.  However, Root points out that foreign nationals are given admission because of their fulfilling a quota for the schools.  They receive federal grant money that is not available to American students, meaning that you and I pay for their education at prestigious colleges and universities.

If Root is correct, the reason Obama has spent millions to seal his college records is that they prove that he was an Indonesian citizen when he attended college here in the United States.  If true, that would be sufficient grounds to end his presidency and aspirations of becoming dictator of America.

I believe Root has a very good case and I wish Romney and Ryan would make this a major campaign issue and demand to see Obama’s records.  Root even urges Romney to challenge Obama to a show me yours and I’ll show you mine debate.

Watch and listen to Wayne Allyn Root as he presents his case and then you decide how accurate his conclusion is.


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