Gun Control Zealot Bloomberg Ditches The Donald


The Trump campaign just got another shot in the arm.

Bloomberg and Clinton: Tag team forms to strip Americans of their gun rights

State of the Nation

When anti Second Amendment crusader Michael Bloomberg threw his support to Hillary Clinton, little did he know how much he supercharged the Trump campaign.

If there is one guy in America who patriots know is a traitor to the Constitution, it is media mogul Bloomberg.

The only way to correctly understand just who Michael Bloomberg is, how he made his money, and who he really works for is to read the following 2 exposés.

Michael Bloomberg & A Long Overdue Exposé

Circumstantial evidence deep and wide that Michael Bloomberg is a 9/11 Mafia Kingpin?

Democrats Clueless to Bloomberg Kiss of Death

Michael Nutter, a former Philadelphia mayor, said he expected Mr. Bloomberg to receive a “warm and positive welcome” from delegates, even though he’s not a Democrat.

Another billionaire business magnate, Michael Rubens Bloomberg, the 6th richest person in the United States, wants to make sure we let unscreened war refugees and economic immigrants (some of whom are radical Islamic jihadis) in the country as the USA keeps letting our jobs go to China and Japan.

Nutter says it makes political sense to go after voters outside the party: Mr. Bloomberg, he said, could help persuade other business leaders to back Mrs. Clinton, “in some cases Republican business people.”  Yeah … right?!

And just think about how many voters hate “really rich Republican businessmen.”

Mr. Bloomberg, who has been sharply critical of Mr. Trump’s views on immigration and the economy, “may fortify” Mrs. Clinton’s appeal to the political center.

Notice the phrase “may fortify” Mrs. Clinton’s appeal to the political center.

So the center is going to vote for the candidate who is supported by the billionaires who want to let countless radical Islam and terrorists into the country and who let our jobs go to China and Japan.

The only thing the Clinton campaign has on Trump is his inexperience in Washington politics.  And that, almost everybody knows, is a really good thing.

While we might agree that The Donald isn’t one of the in-guys in Washington, DC who’s been around politics, spending his entire life outside the Beltway is perhaps the biggest and brightest feather in his cap.

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Furthermore, he probably won’t be inclined to leak his highly classified emails to foreign nations doing business with his various development companies.  Nor will he likely be ‘smart’ enough to get away with killing our ambassadors or servicemen in places like Benghazi.

Did you listen to Trump’s acceptance speech?

Click on the link below to hear a Donald Trump who could really be the next POTUS.

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Accepts Republican Nomination for President (7-21-16)

If you haven’t already, it’s well worth the while to listen to even a few minutes of Trump’s acceptance speech.  The American people have NEVER heard such an accurate and scathing indictment of the U.S. Federal Government, its primary agents of national destruction, and the treasonous actions which have brought ruin to the country.

Truly, if ever there was a movement which can bring sanity back to American government, Donald Trump is the leader of that movement.

Given that Hillary Clinton appears to be the only alternative at this point, voting for Donald Trump ought to be a no brainer.

State of the Nation
July 25, 2016

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