War To The West (With Russia?); War To The East (With China?)

Ferndale, WA
July 15, 2016

by Rich Scheck

It’s bad enough the US has been mired in costly and failing wars in the
Middle East and South Asia for almost 15 years.

Now the geniuses at the Pentagon, the White House and Foggy Bottom
have decided to up the ante by simultaneously taking on both China and
Russia, two of the world’s major nuclear powers.

Perhaps there is some rational motive lurking underneath these efforts
that escape most observers. But to me and countless other writers,
these moves constitute an escape from reality not seen in many decades.

When Obama announced his Asia Pivot several years ago, everyone knew
it was designed to constrain China. After the coup in Ukraine, the imposition
of sanctions was meant to elevate the containment of the allegedly aggressive
Russian Federation.

Both of these moves were a further attempt to culminate the post Cold War
plans of the Neocons and other NWO advocates to implement hegemonic
control of the planet and a form of Pax Americana outlined by Henry
Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz and others.

NATO’s vigorous expansion has proceeded unabated in recent years pushing up against Russia’s borders by absorbing virtually the entire Warsaw Pact and now seeing the placement of arguably first strike missiles in Romania and Poland. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFVGWZmAL5c&feature=youtu.be

With the dispute over the islands in the South China Sea escalating almost daily,
that arena seems poised for direct military confrontation as push comes to shove
after efforts to resolve the matter peacefully through the machinery of international
law seem doomed to failure.

Kerry’s visit to Moscow yesterday to address the ongoing Syrian crisis may have
produced some positive results. But we have already been down this road and yet
the stalemate continues, largely because of US insistence that Assad must go.

Is WWIII imminent? Will it go nuclear? Are these the End Times? Will there even
be an election in 2016? Will there even be two political conventions to nominate the
presumptive candidates, Trump and Clinton? Will so-called Islamic Terrorism provide
the basis for unifying diverse groups and nations leading to new political arrangements
similar to what followed the previous world wars?

With South America and Africa also in play, can there be any doubt that we are
moving in the wrong direction.

All these questions will be answered soon enough. How much pain will result from
these many disruptions which are speeding up remains to be seen. With today’s coup
in Turkey as more evidence of the dramatic volatility of current events, the immediate
future will be fraught with enormous danger as well as great opportunity for peaceful efforts to forego war and establish peace.

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