DAY OF RAGE: A Government-coordinated Blackop and Psyop

Who Set Up The DAY OF RAGE?
Is It A Hoax To Discredit The
Truth Movement?


Black Lives Matter and COINTELPRO collude to corral America’s
racial tensions and percolating race war into a first ever Day of Rage.

State of the Nation

A number of reputable websites have posted this and similar stories about the Day of Rage.  The hacktivist group Anonymous has likewise encouraged people to show up on Friday, July 15.  However, it appears that the original announcement may be a planted story.  Who planted it and why remains to be seen.  Nevertheless, the government frequently uses contractors to disseminate false stories throughout the alternative media with the intention of discrediting those news websites that post them.  If this is the case with the Day of Rage, SOTN has chosen to keep this story on the site in order to serve as a lesson for what the government has done, and will do, to undermine the credibility of truth-seeking Internet platforms.  However, it should also be noted that the US Department of Defense has issued a stern warning to it personnel to avoid the specific locations of the 36 ‘planned’ protests.
Defense Department workers warned to avoid ‘day of rage’ protests

Out of nowhere comes the following schedule of events being coordinated for this Friday evening, July 15th. See link below:

Day of rage protests are scheduled for July 15th in these American cities

First of all, who in these United States of America has the power and influence to set up and coordinate such an elaborate series of similar events across the entire country?

The time and energy, money and resources that went into the planning and coordination of the upcoming Day of Rage is quite extraordinary by any standard.  Therefore, the circumstantial evidence that we see thus far in the public domain speaks to a massive collusion between the usual U.S. Federal Government agencies and their puppet NGOs that have been taken over by COINTELPRO.

BEWARE of the timing, the speed of execution and lack of notice

Our media and research network is on top of virtually everything these days, all the time. We’re at the point where we have been able to predict the timing of false flag terror attacks before they occur.  And yet, with no advance notice whatsoever, there is all of a sudden this Day of Rage put on everyone’s calendar.  Exactly by whom, pray tell?!

Obviously, those nefarious forces behind such a nationwide event wanted no one to research it before it occurred.  Performing due diligence on such a massive undertaking has proven quite difficult, just as it has been very tedious finding the principal players who have commandeered this secretive project.

Gee, sounds just like a classic C.I.A. color revolution operation which blitzes the social networks at the last possible moment so that everyone can be galvanized to show up at the city square … WITHOUT ANY PRIOR INVESTIGATION.  That way the success of the color revolution will not be jeopardized

The Timing

That the Day of Rage (DOR) was scheduled just 3 days before the Republican National Convention is no accident.  The sponsors (e.g. George Soros, Barack Obama, etc.) of the DOR knew exactly what they doing.  What better way to sabotage the Trump coronation process and GOP convention than to blow up the whole country with an unparalleled Day of Rage.

Choosing the Friday before the Monday convention kickoff was no doubt a very carefully planned piece of this enterprise.  Which begs the question:  What do the event planners really hope to achieve?

The repercussions of this Day of Rage are already proving to be highly consequential as many retreat into fear, while others advance into an aggressive posture.  Not only can the far-reaching ramifications of this potentially violent event prove to be catastrophic, the Obama Administration may seize upon it to establish martial law.  After all, the whole blogosphere has been rumbling with the rumors of an Obama coup d’état for many months now.

Everyone knows that kings never willingly step down from their dictatorships. However, when they are truly tyrannical in nature, the likelihood of departing the palace diminishes even more.  No POTUS in U.S. history has ruled with such lawlessness and little disregard for the law like King President Obama has.  This is precisely why so many question the likelihood of him leaving the Oval Office as statutorily required.

A Trump Victory

Nothing sends shivers up and down their spine (the NWO globalist cabal) like the prospect of a Donald Trump election win.  These folks have never been so fearful of such a loose cannon as The [inimitable] Donald.  They just don’t have any patience for a completely unpredictable POTUS.  Nor will they tolerate an individual who cannot be controlled. That’s not to say that Trump does not have his own hidden masters as everyone who operates at that level clearly does in 2016.

The Day of Rage, therefore, MUST be a blackop designed to throw a wrench into Trump’s political machine.  Certainly, the DNC has shown a willingness to commit any perfidious act in order to guarantee a Clinton victory.  Even the RNC has shown an unprecedented reluctance to support Trump.

Of course, the Obamas, the Clintons and the Bushes have all been scared out of their pants at the prospect of a Trump presidency.  All of them risk going to prison for a very long time (as in the rest of their natural lives) should Trump take over the White House.  The Obamas especially know that there is no legitimate birth certificate in existence and, therefore, all the business of the current head of state and commander-in-chief is null and void.

Whether Trump would entertain such a constitutional crisis in unknown; however, he is the only one in the world who was fierce enough to force Obama et al to post a fraudulent copy of his fake birth certificate on the official website.  Hence, there’s no telling what Trump might do.  Obama’s war crimes in Libya, Syria and Afghanistan have also placed him in great jeopardy with Trump and the ICC at The Hague.

Just as significantly, there’s no telling what Trump’s supporters might demand of him. They’re peeved as never before now that Hillary has apparently escaped the severe consequences of her deserved Emailgate / Servergate / Benghazigate crimes and punishments.


The political blogosphere is replete with commentary that explains how both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would do just about anything to stay out of prison.  As a matter of historical fact, there have been countless uprisings and mass protests, revolutions and civil wars staged around the world over the past 10 decades which were deliberately engineered by those who were under threat of being justifiably prosecuted for crimes while in office.  This is, in fact, a quite common occurrence for banana republics everywhere on planet Earth.

Does that mean the USA has crossed the Third World line into the realm of banana republics?  We’ll soon find out this Friday.  Although now that the rule of law has been effectively suspended for the political class, it is safe to assume that this nation has crossed that line with one foot.  The very same Neocon cabal from Chicago that brought us Obama & Company is also responsible for so many of those color revolutions around the globe, so it was just a matter of time before they turned their tactics on their home country.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.52.27 PM

Might this Day of Rage be the inaugural event of American Summer.  No matter what does or does not happen, someone appears to be determined to make this “The Summer From Hell”.  And we’re not talking about the geoengineers who are endlessly manipulating the weather to fabricate Global Warming during this unusually hot season of 2016.

The challenge, then, for all people of conscience, is to figure out how to rain on their parade and cool things off.  Just because they intend to heat things up via a race war does not mean We the People have to feed into it.  On the contrary, the peacemakers can work double time to expose the Day of Rage as the scheme of violence that it most likely is.  In this way those who conspired to subvert the nation can be outed and properly dispatched to a prison cell where they can do no harm in the future.

Maybe then We the People will finish the job of taking back our country.  At the very least we ought to take back our government.  After all, we pay for it and it operates in our name.

State of the Nation
July 13, 2016

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