A Critical Message to Protestors Intending to Disrupt the Republican National Convention

An Open Letter to Black Lives Matter
and Pro Latino Immigration Groups

RE: 2016 Republican National Convention

Location:  Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

Date: Monday thru Thursday, July 18-21, 2016

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To Our Good Friends at Black Lives Matter and Similar Movements Across America:

We are writing this “Open Letter” to all of the movements which have formed during the 2016 election cycle, but especially to those who have expressed a strong intention to show up in Cleveland this later this month.  According to the many media reports the explicit purpose for many has been represented as an explicit intention to disrupt the Republican Convention.

Both Black Lives Matters and various Latino/Hispanic groups have publicly stated their plan to bring down the GOP house however they can.  Whether this is true or not remains to be seen; hence, the reason for this urgent message.

First, please understand that the intensifying war on American streets is NOT a race war. It is fundamentally a class war.  It is a war between the 1% and the 99%.  It is a war between the haves and the have nots.  It is a war between Wall Street and Main Street. It is a war between the rich and the poor, and the privileged and the underprivileged, and the powerful and powerless, throughout American society.

The ongoing cold phase of this “Second American Revolution” is very much about further disempowering the middle class and lower socioeconomic classes.  It is about taking what little they still have.  In this way the deprivations will become so great as to be financially debilitating. This quiet war is being conducted under the radar.  It is occurring primarily through the incremental redistributions of wealth from the lower classes to the highest ones.  The current 0% interest rate given by most banks is just one example of how this is done.  Most folks don’t even know what the banksters have done to them, particularly since the crash of 2008.

What’s the point?

It makes no sense whatsoever to crash Donald Trump’s party this month.  He is not your enemy.  The truth be told, he would probably help the average Joe or Jane more than any other presidential candidate in recent times.  So why let TPTB manipulate you into showing up in Cleveland to fight their battle?  Just like the same ruling elites have been using American boys to fight their war overseas practically forever, they think nothing of using you folks during this campaign season.

As far as the presidential election is concerned, there is probably no greater disservice that can be done than to disrupt the GOP’s convention.  Not only does a violent interruption of their proceedings represent an assault on American democracy, it also sets a very bad example for the rest of the world, especially when they used to look up to our process. Posing threats, physical or otherwise, to Trump (or any other candidate) and his supporters only diminishes the integrity and credibility of every group that participates in the charade.  That charade, incidentally, is overseen by the very individuals who are looking to start a race war.


Even today with the Internet operating at full tilt, very few are aware that political and other reform movements are the very first to be targeted by the FBI’s COINTELPRO. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to really know who it is that is really leading you.  For instance, as soon as the Black Lives Matter organization was established, there were those government agents who infiltrated it.  Actually, it is even more likely that Black Lives Matter was originally formed by government-affiliated leaders.  It is just as likely that it was funded by founding members who were provided the money to do so… by the government and their corporate collaborators

As a practical matter, do you folks really want to be led into a raucous fight with The Donald by leaders who are government appointed?   Surely the GOP will be prepared for any eventuality so why walk into a firefight unaware?  There will be layer upon layer of security around the convention center, both inside and outside.

Who is trying to start this race war anyway?

Let’s face it, the 1% own and operate the whole US Corporation.  They have been locking it down more and more by the day.  The militarization of local police departments is taking place by meticulous design.  So are the many unjustified and brutal shootings of blacks and whites, browns and yellows.  In fact, everyone is now subject to existential threats just by driving down the road in a vehicle.  The dramatic uptick in police brutality and killings by tasers and firearms is no accident, but the product of new policies enacted by law enforcement agencies around the country.

It ought to be crystal clear who is really behind these harsh tactics and violent reactions by police everywhere.  Yes, the 1% knows that the only thing that stands between us and them are the local policemen and county sheriffs.  They also know that there is revolution in the air and that they will be targeted sooner or later by those who have been betrayed and fleeced over the course of their lifetimes.

This is categorically a class war, not a race war.

Since 9/11 the U.S. Federal Government has gone rogue in so many ways.  Under both Bush and Obama there has been a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the richest Americans.  This happened with the full cooperation of the government.  It is actually an ongoing conspiracy between the political class and the wealthiest class to fleece every American who is naive enough to be taken advantage of.   Even Obamacare was a part of this highly calculated scheme to bilk the US citizenry.

Now that so many people are aware of this deliberate plan, those in control know that it is only a matter of time before they are caught.  Hence, a full-blown race war has been engineered in order to channel the energies that ought to be directed toward the class war. This point is absolutely critical for you to understand.  When you really get it, you will not let anyone lead you into a convention firefight, especially one of their making.  Rather, you will lead yourself wherever it is that you must show up to fight the good fight.

Racial Tensions and Religious Conflicts

This whole summer season has been set up by the ruling elites to be the “Summer from Hell”.  In this way they have planned out so many events which will give the false perception that there is race war or religious war going on.  By diverting everyone’s attention from their own perfidy (especially the banksters), they hope to see the ordinary people clash with their neighbors over racial and/or religious differences.  The elites know that the time is very short and that a race war is the single best way to short-circuit the upcoming class war.

An objective retrospective analysis of all the major mass shootings, assassinations and bombings tells the story.  The pattern that emerges is one that clearly delineates a carefully coordinated conspiracy to deceive the American people.  As a matter of fact, the many acts of false flag terrorism are so calculated that it is really a wonder that the press accounts do not disclose the obvious false information that is routinely put out.  Except that the mainstream media is a pivotal part of the very same conspiracy.  With this understanding no one should feel inadequate for being so deceived; the ruling elites have maintained their ascendancy by playing this game of deception over many decades, if not centuries.

Best Recommendation

Don’t even show up in Cleveland.  That way no one will be present to be manipulated by the 1% to do their dirty work.

The other very important consideration is to KNOW that those who manufacture these NDAA-approved acts of terrorism against the citizenry are certified criminally insane psychopaths.  In other words who knows what the heck they will do from one moment to the next.  There is really no telling what they have planned for you in Cleveland!  Yes, they are really crazy, so why would anyone ever want to get caught up in one of their dangerous dramas.  Practically everyone now knows that the very best way to deal with a sociopath is not to deal with them.  Because once anyone begins to dance with them, they will eventually find themselves broke, busted and disgusted.

In closing it is our sincere hope that you folks see the utter seriousness of this letter. Cleveland can be a real turning point for the better or for the worse during this hot summer of 2016. An emphatic rejection of their “divide and conquer” MO of the past is perhaps the most effective way of raining on their parade.  In fact nothing defuses the many plots of the 1% more than exposing them in advance.  The more who know of their malevolent agenda, the more difficult it will be for them to implement it.

So, Black Lives Matter and every other group that planned to show up in Cleveland, why not stay at home and play Internet warrior.  Study up on the class war that is shaping up and decide what your role will be.  This authentic war is, by the way, a real no brainer. There’s 1% of them and 99% of us.  How’s that gonna work out once the entire 99% is on totally board with the new program.

All the best!

Believers in the 99%

P.S. Just an afterthought that Donald Trump is really not the enemy of the 99% or anyone else.  Barack Obama has already shown his hand over these last seven and a half years. The vast majority are much worse off because of his willful negligence and unparalleled ignorance of the ongoing economic recession.  Whether Trump really puts his money where his mouth is may never be known, but perhaps he ought to be given a fair opportunity to express his platform through a non-violent electoral process.

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