Food For Thought


Windsor, CA
June 15, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Is terror manufactured to instill fear in the public?
Here is one person who answers that question in the affirmative:

And here is a video that lends credence to the view that it is:

See also:

Is the LGBT issue being used to demonize Islam? Glenn
Greenwald says it is:

If Islam is so evil, why are we so closely allied with Saudi Arabia?  Why do Hillary and the Clinton Foundation have such a close  relationship with that country?

Whatever really happened in Orlando a few days ago, does anyone  find it a bit strange that the alleged killer worked for the “leading global integrated security firm” some have accused of staging terror events? and

Was Orlando a false flag to provide a push for more gun control?
Whatever you think about the issue, the second amendment is now
elevated in the presidential campaign along with gays and Muslims
instead of the economy, NATO expansion, failed wars and the
litany of Hillary scandals:

Finally, for those who are letting fear dictate their response to these
tragedies, please reflect on how propaganda is used to justify violence:

I have many questions and few answers. But I do believe the public
is being constantly manipulated into supporting unending wars in the
spirit of Orwell and Huxley that I have called The Huxwellian World
of contemporary America.

Marten’s Dad had links to the CIA:

His company staged terror events with crisis actors:

The FBI introduced him to informants:

Here is a good summary:

More Questions:

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