Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu

Donald Trump Once Gave An Extraordinary Endorsement
of PM Benjamin Netanyahu That Is Quite Troublesome

SOTN Editor’s Note:
First, SOTN fully acknowledges the courageous and self-sacrificial posture that Donald Trump has shown throughout the entire presidential campaign season.

Secondly, The Donal has appropriately wrecked the GOP like no one else in U.S. history, as the Republican Party deserves to be wrecked and ruined …  so that it can be reborn.

Thirdly, Trump has downloaded more truth into the public domain than any other presidential candidate in modern history.  Who is not grateful to him for this valorous service to the American Republic?

Why then did he provide such a strong and unqualified endorsement for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the following video reveals.  Bibi, as he is known by his Zionist handlers, is the most unscrupulous and duplicitous politician in Middle Eastern history.  Netanyahu is known worldwide to be a thoroughly corrupt and rogue leader who only operates outside the boundaries of moral and ethical leadership.  He is directly responsible for numerous acts of genocide and heinous war crimes against the Palestinians among many other nefarious actions.

In other words Netanyahu has only governed without conscience — completely WITHOUT CONSCIENCE — and has consequently turned the Modern State of Israel into a pariah state.  The entire world community of nations is well aware of how untrustworthy and odious Netanyahu’s conduct has been as prime minister.  Many have rightly labeled Netanyahu as an incorrigible and criminally insane psychopath.  Why then doesn’t Donald Trump know about how perfidious the Prime Minister has been every day he has held public office in Israel?!

Someone please tell us how Trump can be so clueless about the worsening national disaster known as the Modern State of Israel under the tyranny of Netanyahu.  When The Donald is so sharp about everything else … well not everything else, but a lot of issues important to the American people, why was he so supportive of a documented war criminal and unrivaled menace to society?

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