CIA Tells Why Mass Illegal Immigration Is Being Allowed

Vid 1:07   We’re going to close the borders of the United States to one of the world’s great monotheisms [?] ….

Ex-CIA Hayden lamenting that presidential candidate Trump wants a wall built along the USA-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigration from South America.   Why close the borders to people who are of that great monotheistic religion, the Catholic religion, is essentially what Hayden is saying without specifically naming the great monotheistic religion he is referencing.

Catholic man ex-CIA Hayden reveals the reason why South Americans are being let into the USA through open border policy along the USA-Mexico border in that one statement quoted above.   If the South American immigrants coming illegally into the USA through the Mexican border were primarily of any other religion but the Catholic religion, there would be no open border policy occurring along the USA-Mexico border.  If the South Americans were primarily Protestant Christians or Orthodox Christians or Rastafarian Christians then the Vatican and her henchmen, including the CIA, State Department and current White House administration, would not be permitting mass illegal immigration by South Americans into the USA.

The CIA is a creation of the Vatican’s Jesuits.   The monotheism practiced by most in South America is the Catholic religion.  Bringing it into the USA by the millions the South American Catholics is the main goal.

The New World Order is a vision of the Vatican and there are elites in various nations in league with the Vatican, including Catholic Hayden.  CIA is Catholic, and they carry out modern day inquisitions.  The CIA maintains South America for the Catholic church, by whatever means necessary.  For the Vatican and her evil henchmen, the motto is:  the end justifies the means.

Perhaps Protestant Trump is the reason why the NWO visionaries shall fail to establish their NWO vision:

Daniel 11:14   At that time, many shall come against the king of the south [USA]; also the robbers of your people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision, but shall fall

China and Russia (Daniel’s king of the north is Russia) are among the many that shall come against the USA.  The USA Pacific Fleet Commanders say that short of war with China, China shall control about five trillion USD worth of trade annually that travels through the South China Sea.   China has stated their man-made islands in the South China Sea are its sovereign territory and all of its moves to date with respect to said islands have been to reinforce its contention that the same are China’s sovereign territory, including placing defensive/offensive weapons systems on said islands to defend China’s right to forbid outsiders from incursions into its sovereign territory, which includes USA naval and air incursions.

Russia is thwarting the Middle East plans of the Vatican-led NWO by its actions in Syria.  Daniel prophesies that Russia (king of the north) shall conquer European cities.   And the ones who do as they please, and shall occupy the Middle East for a time is China (Daniel 11:16-19); and under Chinese occupation, the good Jews shall build the Jerusalem Temple (Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31, Rev. 11:1-2).

The king is of the Vatican-led endeavor to take over the Middle East, and it is the army of the king (also called the king of fierce countenance) that desecrates the coming Jerusalem Temple (Daniel 11:21-45).

Without the USA, the Vatican-led NWO cannot be established.   Steps are already in place to have a standing European army, an EU army.   It is EU nations in league with the Vatican, led by a king of fierce countenance, a vile king, who shall endeavor to make come true the NWO dreams of the Vatican and her Swissy Knights Templar, who are promised a share of the loot and rule over the world.   The Vatican has a long history of richly rewarding the military men who do her bidding,  handing them tracts of land and other goodies from those dispossessed of their property by the Vatican’s military men.    Whether or not the USA remains a tool of the Vatican to attempt to establish its NWO vision I do not know, and yet even with the USA on its side (if that is to be) the vision shall fail, but I do know that the USA comes against the Vatican’s chosen leader to take control of the Middle East, which is that vile king aka king of fierce countenance.

Fact is former USA president John Ff Kennedy said there is a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy to take away the liberties of the American people.   JFK did not say who is the head of the conspiracy, and the head of the conspiracy is the Vatican.    Current alleged war criminal pope Bergoglio is not happy about the potential of a Trump presidency blocking the millions of South American Catholics from illegal entry into the USA because same thwarts the Vatican’s plans for the USA to make it a Catholic nation.

During the Argentina military coup when Bergoglio was a Jesuit priest, he is alleged by former Catholic priests to have been a liaison between the Argentine military and the Vatican, ordering who is to be ruffed up, who is to be tortured and killed from among the Catholics (and others) in Argentina.  Those Catholic priests and nuns in Argentina who were liberal, who spoke against the Argentine military rule, were alleged targets for take down by the Vatican.

Bergoglio says Trump is not a Christian because he seeks a wall along the USA-Mexico border.    Bergoglio is quick to say he is not meddling in the USA elections, but of course he is because Trump states he is a “strong Christian” and Bergoglio insists Trump is lying in that respect; therefore the Rome pope is meddling in the USA presidential election 2016.     Bergoglio is meddling in USA affairs by speaking against enforcement of USA immigration policy, including enforcement by building a wall.     Bergoglio should start taking down his own wall that surrounds the City-State of the Vatican.   What does the allegedly ‘godly’ nation Vatican have to fear outsiders that it has a wall surrounding it?

Former USA president Ronald Reagan was the USA president to re-establish American diplomatic ties to the Vatican, which ties had been cut since the time of former president Lincoln’s murder, the US Congress having cut diplomatic ties because they believed the Vatican was complicit in the murder of Lincoln.

Perhaps it is a Protestant becoming president of the USA that thwarts the plans of the Vatican-led NWO visionaries.  Whatever the reason, the Vatican-led NWO vision will not be established (Daniel 11:14).  That Bergoglio  publicly denounces a wall along the USA-Mexico border shows the Vatican does want a mass migration of South American Catholics into the USA, and so does the comment from ex-CIA Catholic Hayden.  The CIA has been a most useful tool of the Vatican, keeping South Americans under thumb of the Vatican’s great merchant men by sabotaging any and all South American grass roots populace movements to break up business monopolies and end other corruption in favor of more just societies in the South American nations.


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