Ellen Brown On Bail-Ins and The End of Capitalism

La Costa, CA
January 6, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Ellen Brown’s article documents the dangers of economic collapse and the
probable theft of depositor’s funds in the form of Bail-ins to save the banks.

She characterizes this as “the end of capitalism” and goes on to describe
what few folks realize: when you put money in a bank, you are lending it
to them. It is no longer yours because, under the law, you are now a creditor.

As I described in my movie review of The Big Short, the up-coming collapse
may well be worse than the one in 2008 because our financial system is a
sophisticated Ponzi scheme that requires drastic reform to protect “we the
people” from the greedy few who dominate the process.

Bernie Sanders now has a powerful opening on which to base his presidential
campaign while separating himself from the Republican candidates as well as
Wall Street honey Hillary Clinton.

With the arrival of 2016 finally here, we will get to see how this all plays out
in the weeks and months ahead before the actual vote in November.

The fate of the nation is at stake. It is essential that people get involved.
Please listen to the interview at the end of article for more information.

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