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Every Electorate ought To Make It Personal In 2016 … VERY Personal

SOTN Editor’s Note:
There’s an old secret in politics that the only way to really get anything done is to make it very personal.  That is exactly how the Shadow Government advances its agenda –24/7 — everywhere across the land.  Whoever the politician is whom they want to implement their plan to defraud the people, they simply threaten that elected official.  Now that’s making it VERY personal.

Their threats and acts of coercion can range from criminal prosecution for official misconduct to personal misbehavior.  In many cases the evidence is completely fabricated; nevertheless, when you own the judges the outcome is guaranteed.  Politically motivated criminal prosecution in some form is perhaps the biggest threat that hangs over every politician’s head like the Sword of Damocles.

There are many other acts of coercion and threats which are used by the Shadow Government.  Every politician that has a family is vulnerable to those threats which can easily be made against loved ones.  Spouses and children, parents and siblings all remain fair game in the minds of the Shadow Government.  They will never hesitate to pose a danger to those closest to the leaders who have their hands on the real levers of power.

For those elected officials who have businesses or partners, these can also be easily compromised or put in harm’s way.  Many a fire has actually been arson with the explicit purpose of sending a strong and clear message.   There is also the personal property and other assets of any individual in power which appears to be particularly exposed.  The more exposed they are, the more their theft or destruction can be feigned as petty criminal activity.

What’s the point?   Every politician is literally a sitting duck … and they all know it.

Consequently, the vast majority of politicians fear their handlers and bundlers more than the electorate.  It has always been this way, but this situation is now getting even more flagrant and outrageous with each successive election cycle.  The leaders now have little or no fear of their constituencies, as incumbents are often guaranteed victories by their political parties.

As a result of this ever-worsening predicament, there is only one way out for the American people.  They must refuse to vote for corrupt and incompetent candidates.  Or they conduct a highly organized election boycott en masse.  They can also initiate recalls or demand impeachment proceedings for those like Mayor Rahm Emanuel who leads the most corrupt city in the nation.  It’s no quirk of fate that the people of Chicago want Emanuel to resign … YESTERDAY.

Career politicians like Emanuel represent the very worst of naked political corruption and pervasive malfeasance, sheer incompetence and willful neglect.  Each of these have found their fulfillment in the person and politician of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Hence, Chicago increasingly wants him removed post-haste.  The voters will likely see to it that he never successfully seeks public office again, anywhere in Cook County, Illinois.  He has already destroyed the city of Chicago — beyond repair in some instances — particularly when he permitted a covert police interrogation center off site where many claimed to have been tortured, maltreated, coerced and denied legal counsel.

Clearly, voters everywhere ought to begin taking the very same approach toward their crooked leaders, as most are quite crooked these days.  The secret again is to make the politician fear the wrath of the electorate more — MUCH MORE — than the threats of their clandestine masters.  Only in this way will the average elected official be compelled to do the right thing.  Not only will they be ignominiously turned out of office, they will have to suffer with their blackened reputation for betraying the people, living for the rest of their life in the  community.

2016, therefore, ought to be about one thing, making it personal … VERY personal for each and every rogue politician and judge out there.  Likewise, every federal bureaucrat and state worker, county representative and city employee can be held to the very same high standards.  Whenever they fail to perform their job or are guilty of misconduct, they can be subjected to the same pressures.  When these public pressures are vigorously exerted by the people in the right manner, results can come fast and furiously.

That’s the real trick, right there.  You gotta get mad and make them know you’re gonna get even should they fail to perform appropriately.   After all, you’re the boss who pays them with your own hard-earned tax dollars.

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In Chicago, distrust toward mayor has turned ‘personal’

Chicago mayor faces the city’s bitter anger

By William Wan and Mark Guarino
The Washington Post

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