The Chinese Curse: Mind-Blowing News For 12/21/15

Carlsbad, CA
December 21, 2015

by Rich Scheck

Interesting times, indeed:

If the following sample of mind-blowing events from today’s news doesn’t qualify for the so-called, Chinese Curse, I don’t know what does:

Whether the Chinese really said living in interesting times amounts to a Curse, these and
other world developments constitute a unique challenge to the future stability of the planet.

From Jesse Ventura meeting with President Putin to the CIA plans for a Muslim invasion
of Russia during the early Cold War; from Aliens taking over the planet to the IMF pushing to replace the dollar with its SDR currency; from the Pope claiming the End Times have begun to the latest from The Donald, the Curse of modernity is making itself felt more and more as it dramatically impacts our lives today!

N. B.: I do not attest to the validity of all the articles posted. Most of what is written seems
accurate. Whether true or false, these stories are part of the tapestry of modern times and
paint a colorful picture of our lives during this very, very interesting era!

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