Why did Trump sign “the pledge”? Cui bono?

La Costa, CA
September 3, 2015

Bad Deal, Donald Trump!

by Rich Scheck


For a guy who is supposed to make great deals, The Donald has
blown it with his agreeing to “the pledge!”

How does he benefit from aligning himself with the very folks he
has been criticizing for months now?

Most of his appeal has been to the those disgusted with the political
establishment. Now he has acceded to their demands and joins the
rest of the so-called RINOs who many of his base hate. Why?

The leverage he held with the prospect of a possible third-party run
was great. What does he get in return for giving it up?

That his opponents will now be “nice” to him? That they will tone down their attacks? That he will not be excluded from debates because he did not agree to support the party’s nominee?

Chicken-feed, Mr. Trump! It’s not a good deal, Donald! The Tea Party and Libertarians who form the bulk of his supporters are likely to see this as selling out to the party bosses. And the Independents who would have voted for him even as a Republican and certainly as third party just to poke the party leaders in the eye are now likely to bolt.

As for some other recent deals, Trump has come out strongly against the
Iran nuclear agreement and says virtually nothing about the TPP. More
bad judgment on his part.

The Iran Accord will benefit everyone involved while the TPP only helps
the fat cats on Wall Street and the Banksters.

So much for The Donald’s alleged excellence in deal making.

As for my tentative support of his candidacy, all I can say now is NO DEAL!

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