The Dirtiest, Ugliest Presidential Campaign In US History

Has anyone ever seen anything like it?

Has anyone every heard so much made up negativity by the Democratic side of the counterfeit coin known as the USA two-party system?

Absolutely shocking! Completely unprecedented! Totally degenerate!

Comments like these can be found all over the internet in response to the ceaseless fabrications and machinations of the Democratic Campaign machine working in tandem with the Mainstream Media (MSM)

Which brings us to the real point of this exposé. Clearly the Mainstream Media has thoroughly relinquished it role as reporter of the news. Instead the MSM has variously become a vassal, a tool, an arm, a surrogate, a proxy, a collaborator, an accomplice of the Democratic Campaign agenda, working full time to re-elect Obama.

Don’t believe it? Here’s just a smattering of headlines which tell the real story of the 2012 Democratic Campaign. A campaign which will go down in history as the most manipulative, underhanded and deceptive in USA history.

Here are some HEADLINES which are representative of what is taking place:

Is This the Nastiest Election Ever?
~ The New York Times

Is this the ‘ugliest, nastiest, dirtiest’ campaign ever?
~ The Week

Obama’s Dirty Little Secret to Winning the 2012 Presidential Election
~ The Daily Beast

~ The Blaze

Desperate and dirty! Obama goes for jugular in ugly clashes with Romney during fiery debate – but will it turn round his ailing campaign?
~ Mail Online

A Low-Down, Dirty, Rotten and Expensive 2012 Presidential Election
~ Common Dreams

By the tone and content of these headlines it is plainly obvious that the MSM has really lost BIG in 2012. The exceedingly liberal media has shown its true colors as never before. Likewise, the liberal and extreme wing of the Democratic party has revealed itself to be more unethical and willing to disseminate any prevarication imaginable to take down the other side. Their exceedingly ‘liberal’ interpretation of the facts and the truth has put them at an all time low … with the entire electorate, not just the conservatives and tea party folks.

One is compelled to ask two questions about this thoroughly sordid affair between the MSM and the Democratic Spin Machine.

Why was the MSM so willing to carry so much water for Obama to put out a fire that couldn’t be put out under any circumstances?

Why did the Democratic hitmen and hitwomen stoop so low, so many times, knowing that they would expose themselves for the fraudulent reporters that they really are … for all time?

Only by answering these two questions can any sense be made of this unparalleled degradation of the public discourse.

The answer, of course, lies in the real story behind Barack Hussein Obama. Such desperation on the part of the MSM can only be properly understood in this context. As follows:

When the Mainstream Media permits the posting of a proven forged and fraudulent birth certificate on an official White House website without any questioning of its authenticity, something has gone very, very wrong.

Likewise, when the same parties who have legitimately investigated the same fake birth certificate are persecuted and hounded by the same MSM for doing their job ….

We all remember where the WashPo, NYT and CBS were during the Watergate era. Just as we all remember where Hillary Clinton and mny other democratic operatives were.

Counsel confirms Hillary’s ‘fraudulent’ Watergate brief

Where have they all gone now that their man is occupying the White House under false pretenses?

State of the Nation
October 19, 2012

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