James Clapper: A Serial Liar, Deep State Coup Plotter, and Traitor to the Republic



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President Obama’s DNI Chief James Clapper was an aficionado of friendly fire. In civilian parlance, you might call it a knife in the back under cowardly cover of uniform and fog of war. Fortunately like a lot of things, Clapper wasn’t very good at it.

Of course we’ve known he was a liar ever since a 2013 Senate Intelligence Committee appearance where he discussed surveillance programs in the midst of a controversy over warrantless surveillance of the American public.

In response to, “does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions of Americans?”, Clapper replied, “No, sir. Not wittingly.” Of course this was a bald-faced lie which Clapper himself later admitted to. Well sort of. He characterized it as “the least untruthful” statement he could possibly have made. Okay, a lie.

Recently however, General Mike Flynn’s crack attorney Sidney Powell has exposed Clapper’s duplicity to an even darker degree. The notion, even metaphorically, of a decorated US service member being taken out of the game (and forced to plead to a fabricated felony) by a corrupt bureaucrat is too despicable to contemplate, except it appears to be exactly what happened.

No wonder the FBI’s Flynn interview notes have gone MIA and controversy surrounds the filed 302s. In this renewed climate of MAGA patriotism, who’d want to be within 100 miles of the implied assassination and actual criminalization of a decorated war veteran?

Treason seems too mild a word.

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The quest for an ideologically pure military was not a new one under the Obama Administration, as some will recall. Indeed this objective echoes the political commissars or political officers (politruk) assigned to the Unit Commanders of the Soviet Union’s Red Army in World War II for the purpose of maintaining ideological purity in the field of battle.

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Less known is Clapper’s (and former DOD Secretary Ash Carter’s) 2016 efforts during the Trump transition to have NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers fired. This attempt came via a planted story in –where else– the Washington Post, illegal leak collection-point and swamp-rock for Post opinionator David Ignatius, among others. After all Jeff Bezos can’t wear all the hats at his subscription-only blog.

All of a sudden (but really a mere two days after Rogers visits the President-elect at Trump Towers alerting him to the coup underway), we find Rogers ‘job performance’ being questioned. This scrutiny seems all the more ill-timed as it happens during Obama’s lame-duck period when he should have been packing boxes and dreaming of his Presidential Library.

Of course we know now it was Rogers’ sub-par performance as a coup-collaborator that was causing all the heartburn.


The irony here is too rich. Some contextualizing edits help:


People may recall Obama’s exceeding helpfulness in pointing out to his successor that, “he was not a fan of Flynn”. Although it has yet to come out, it may be that Flynn too was under active FISA surveillance, similar to Carter Page.

Knowing Trump was considering Flynn for his National Security Adviser position, Obama wasted no time weighing with his opinion, indeed within their first post-election meeting. Obama had fired Flynn as Director of the DIA in 2014, “largely because of mismanagement and temperament issues”, a professional slur eerily similar to the Rogers reputational torpedo.

As we’ve come to learn Flynn had too intimate a knowledge of the Obama Administration’s complicity in the condoned rise of ISIS and was perhaps not ‘temperamentally’ disposed to keeping this knowledge from his potential future new boss, Trump. For those immune to gaping memory-holes, ISIS amounted to a letterhead change for the group responsible for 911,al Qaeda.

Despite this sordid (some might say D.O.A.) organizational resume, an advantage was seen in the reconfigured group’s potential for destabilizing the Assad regime in Syria.

In fact as early as 2012, the DIA under Flynn was reporting (in a since-declassified report) that, in the words of Brad Hoff:

“U.S. intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a U.S. strategic asset.”

What a terribly inconvenient truth.

As Flynn increasingly went sideways on ISIS boosterism, against Obama’s cherished self-image as being the tamer of Syrian hostilities, the General’s ‘temperamental issues’ took center stage; by now a common Obama attack for purging ideological differences in the senior officer corps and among his military staff.

However there are even darker reservoirs of evil afoot that help better explain these two men’s shoddy treatment, especially in the case of Rogers.

The indispensable Conservative Treehouse has argued for some time now that Roger’s real threat, beyond simply coup exposure, was his knowledge of, and attempts to expose and eliminate the extensive practice of conducting illegal searches in the FISA database in order to obtain private information on political foes.

The true Orwellian mother-lode (which has yet to be fully absorbed and appraised even in the alt-community) could make what has transpired to date seem like mere pretense or even intentional diversion.

Admiral Rogers’ 2016 concerns were limited to FISA (702) searches, for which he duly alerted the FISA Court. As the CTH points out, “well over three million queries by the FBI and thousands of anonymous users; and the oversight only covers a sub-set of around ten percent.” Both the frequency and anonymous nature of the FISA database searches (including anonymous contractor searches) hint at political surveillance on a potentially massive scale.

Immediately, one recalls the 2013 Maxine Waters interview where she marvels at, “the President [having] put together a database that no one has ever seen before in life.” One can only wonder how this database might have been assembled and from what source. Chilling, no?

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History will show that, between them, Adm. Rogers and Gen. Flynn, were much-maligned Heroes of the Republic. We have Providence to thank that 1) Clapper was an atrocious Deep State shot and 2) Obama thought too much of his legacy to weed out a ‘traitor’ in his midst.

For a detailed account of Rogers’ criticality in exposing the coup during its early stages as well as 702 search abuse, visit the video below:

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