It looks like the C.I.A. recruited some real terrorists to staff their Hong Kong color revolution. (Video)

Hong Kong Lawmaker’s Ear Bitten Off During Latest Violent Protest

Just when the Hong Kong protests finally appeared to be slipping from the front page (having been supplanted by other even more violent protest movements in Iraq and elsewhere) an explosion of violence over the weekend has Beijing once again threatening a crackdown on the protest movement that is now entering month No. 6, according to Reuters.

In one of the weekend’s most shocking and bloody episodes, several people were injured during a knife attack outside a Hong Kong mall in the relatively suburban area of Tai Koo on Sunday. One of the wounded, a local politician, had his ear partially bitten off, CNN reports. Police later moved in on a pro-democracy demonstration at the mall by lobbing tear gas. It was one of several shopping malls packed with families raided by police over the weekend.

Three men and one woman are now being treated at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital; two are in critical condition, police said. The attacker and lawmaker with the bitten ear are also receiving treatment.

Police say that a heated political discussion turned deadly when a man who apparently express pro-government views pulled out a knife and started stabbing. The same man can also be seen grabbing the aforementioned lawmaker and biting his ear in a bloody attack that might be difficult to watch for some (be warned).

High-profile Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, who was recently barred from participating in a race for HK district council, identified the lawmaker as “close colleague Dr Andrew Chiu”.

Then, in a stunning Twitter thread, Wong lists all of the violent attacks launched by police against demonstrators, including an accident whee a tear gas cannister exploded, seriously injuring a first-responder.

Caution: This Twitter thread also includes photos of nasty injuries.

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