Here’s something we all can do about the 5G Crisis

Take Action Tuesday: 
Call Your Congressional Representatives today!
And please send this to everyone you know!
Dear Friend,

If there’s one thing that we were reminded of during our trip to Washington D.C. last week, it’s this: Calling your federal representatives makes a BIG impact.

Nearly every office we spoke with told us that they’ve been getting calls from constituents about 5G concerns. Now, staffers are looking into the 5G issue more deeply and at least some congressional members are considering taking action.

Find Your Rep Here
So this week, we’re asking you to call your Congressional representatives and let them know you’re opposed to the unrestricted deployment of 5G.

Find your representative’s contact information here.

Sample Caller Script:
Hi, my name is __________. I am a resident of _________.I am calling to express my concerns about 5G wireless technology.

It is a violation of our our fundamental American values to involuntary expose millions of people to high concentrations of wireless radiation, a scientifically proven health hazard, without their knowledge or consent.

It is disturbing to know that communities are legally barred from considering the robust body of science on wireless radiation when deliberating new antenna installations, according to Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. This must be changed.

I am asking (name of representative or senator) to write a letter to the FCC to amend Section 704.  Communities should have the right to examine potential public health impacts associated with the deployment of new, powerful technologies next to peoples’ bedroom windows. Science matters.

Thank you.

Every time an office gets a call, a staffer takes note of your message and passes it on to the appropriate policy aide. The more calls generated to a specific office, the more likely that office will do something to address 5G issues.

Remember, every single call counts. 

In solidarity,

-The 5G Crisis Team

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