MANDALAY BAY MASSACRE REVISITED: Why the Las Vegas mass shooting hoax was staged is more obvious than ever

Ghosts of Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Mass Shooting Resisted

By Anonymous

Do you remember the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting—how 98% of the American population accepted this shocking mass media drama as more absolute truth—or pretty much ignored it? And the numbers of people killed or wounded alone was astonishing as the counts kept changing from day-to-day. Certainly no sane person would claim this mass shooting too was a faked event?

After all it has been exactly two years since this alleged tragedy was purported to have occurred. And Associated Press (AP) and other mainstream media stories are reminding us this week of the need to have more legislation restricting Americans access to guns, and more demand for Internet surveillance and Police State tactics, such as more scrutiny of social media and psychiatric evaluations of common Americans (just like similar tactics were used by the Bolshevik revolution in Russia one hundred years ago that finally ended with 10s of millions of Russians murdered, tortured, gulag-d, and starved via the Cheka police state hunting down counter revolutionaries).

The weird thing to remember is that this event was claiming so many people were violently killed and wounded that one would have thought it would have been in the news limelight for many weeks—but surprisingly the story pretty much stopped being reported on before two weeks? Why?

Well there may not be one single reason but people started getting confused when the Sheriff of Las Vegas, at daily news conferences kept changing the facts and seeming confused reality of the situation. And as time passed he seemed more and more nervous, almost seriously frightened on camera—there were people obviously scaring him from the deep state (the behind the scenes government).

See story:  “ALEX JONES: VEGAS COVERUP COLLAPSING — SHERIFF MAY BE IN DANGER” (Note: Two of the videos have been censored?): Ddouble-click on this link:

So the media suddenly ignored this huge story a mere week and half after it came out? And miraculously a big splash of a scandal story broke out then on Harvey Weinstein and abusing actresses that changed the fickle attention spam of the American audience.

But there were many “red flags” about this event that should have caught the American public. Now this event is being reported as true and is being used to create “red flag gun laws”.

Click on this webpage story http:/rep… (below title) to see how things begin to unfold:


Click also on this video that begins to question the reality of this historical event:

Now checkout this video statement by


(Note: Dr. Pieczenik is a psychiatrist that worked for the State Department and U.S. Intelligence as a major player in American foreign policy—also co-wrote Tom Clancy novels—but now speaking out against a corrupted intelligence apparatus):

It is important to realize there is an ongoing agenda besides making this gun grab about the 2020 election—it is about castrating the common man in face of a more and more corrupted society in which only the corrupt elite will have power.

But first we look at photos of the room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay—which is a casino hotel.

Click on this link for photos—look at them and ask yourself the following  questions:

Note: casinos have the most sophisticated surveillance equipment in the world—how could one man smuggle all these weapons in the first place?

Secondly why would a lone shooter need sooooooo many weapons when likely he used only a couple if in fact he was killing anyone is true?

Why are so many of the guns the type the gun banners want to ban—not guns that are truly used in crimes and murder—namely hand guns—but rather guns that could be used in a citizen rebellion or civil war—namely weapons that could be used against an oppressive police state?

What is wrong with the suicide picture of blood versus bullets?

Sheriff Says Paddock Fired ‘More Than 1,100 Rounds’…

So, Where Are The 1,100 Plus Shell Casings that should be in that room?  Again click on (if you have not yet done so—lots of red flags):


This ‘one’ death of the supposed shooter, Steve Paddock, who supposedly shot himself—but surprisingly his blood is not on top of the bullets but rather bullets left placed on top of the blood?

The Body & The Many Assault Rifles In The Room Seem Staged Was Patsy Paddock Murdered By Others In The Room?

Double click on:

Something is very strange about this hotel room story? Many things do not add up?

Las Vegas police bodycam shows storming of gunman’s hotel room

Now here is a woman Bombard that does body language interpretations. Frankly I do not think her subjective evaluations of Paddock moving around the casino are very objective but you can begin to see the amount of camera surveillance in the casino and you note that although he moves in a lot of baggage into the casino hotel room almost none of the bags are long enough to fit many of the guns found in the room? These could be from various visits as he was a frequent client there:

It should be stated that there are many confusing and conflicting reports by various journalists and citizen journalists about this Vegas shooting. It is easy to become confused on the who, what, where, etc. Moreover, besides a real conspiracy of faking this event as real (killing of concert goers) there are also websites that were creating alternative scenarios that operate as red herrings, such as Muslims were behind it, gun shots from helicopters, multiple killing venues, etc. So know that it is not easy to sort through all the multitude of things said and purported. But there is clearly enough evidence to know this was a staged and faked event (although the death in the hotel looks truly real).

Now check out these next day photos by a Denver Post journalist of the green grass that supposedly had 58 killed and over another 500 wounded?  BUT ABSOLUTELY NO BLOOD ANYWHERE OR NO EVIDENCE OF AMBULANCE CREW ACTIVITY? ?

Note too when you click on this link the picture will only stay up a couple of seconds and then an advertisement will smother it—but if you click on it a few times you can see a clean green grass lawn close to where the stage of the concert area was—but not blood.  Click on:

If you type in the name of the photographer with the event and then click on “images” you will see ‘several; of his photos of that concert area where so many supposedly died and were wounded?????

Type as to google:

“Mario Jose Sanches Mandalay Bay Shooting photos”

And then click on “IMAGES”

WHERE IS THERE ANY EVIDENCE of any blood. One bullet should have at least 2 pints of blood on green grass???  Where is there any evidence of any ambulance and triage activity??

Also checkout this important film—15 minute video zooms in and out all over the so-called killing field concert area where supposedly 50 or more died and hundreds were wounded. This video is taken by a high-powered zoom video camera panning the entire concert area the next day during cleanup, and shot from the same hotel up high. You do NOT SEE ANY BULLET DAMAGE ANYWHERE after Steve Paddock supposedly shot for many, many minutes with the equivalent of a machine gun?  Check it out  WATCH THE VIDEO IN THIS following ARTICLE:

And you need to understand there were about 10,000 people at the concert (some papers report more than 20,000 which is not likely) but practically 90% of the them had cell phones! Yet there were almost no convincing photos taken that showed up under “images” on the Internet (except a few that exposed more the fake blood and fake professional actors (crisis actors) used to stage these kinds of events. There were some amateur cellphone videos that showed people running out and escaping but little to nothing that truly looked like a real massacre.

You can google “Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting” and then click on ‘images’ and you will see pictures of people lying down as if shot but none truly show the kind of real blood, real bodily damage, real ambulance medic attention you would minimally expect. There are many scenes of chaos and people taking cover, etc.

People were paid to start screaming and running on cue. The gun sounds were likely coming from a pre-recorded PÅ system that had nothing to do with the hotel—although the hotel may have had gun shot sounds. Most of the audience did not know it was a pre-planned panic attack and starting running like a mob.

There are some good videos still to be found even as many were censored from the likes of Youtube:

New Las Vegas Shooting Footage – Close to the Stage

Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Shooting, Actors?

Las Vegas False Flag Mass Shooting: Real Casualties and Crisis Actors?

Guaranteed however that if you espouse the idea that this event was a hoax you can bet 95% or more of average Americans (including well-educated people) will think you are off your rocker (including your family and friends). People assume with this many purported deaths, with this many reported wounded, with this many concert attendees, etc., and the entire mainstream media could never pull this off on the American public—it is too asinine to believe such crazy conspiracies. A great majority of people will not believe this (but nor will they actually do their own due diligence investigation either—and frankly you really have to know ahead of time how well deceit actually works in the reality of things and how well it is routinely pulled off and onto the eyes of the people as wool.

After all real names are named as death victims and pictures. Could this too all be a scam? One video that has disappeared on the Internet is someone took those names and checked it against an online database of death certificates and found little to nothing whereas the so-called funeral records leave a lot of questions as if created but little evidence of real substance. Like an online record of minimal reality—few comments from friends and family, etc. Nebulous stuff. Nevertheless it is extremely difficult to convince people there would be such an elaborate scam going on that memorials would be held, etc.

Several cogent ‘truth’ arguments were made back on the Internet after this false flag Las Vegas hoax but few Americans bothered to question or doubt the official stories. Debbie Lusignan (aka the Sane Progressive) did a couple of outstanding videos about the claims made by the mainstream media—debunking strictly their deceit (including phony interviews with so-called victims in hospital rooms) as Ms. Lusignan was once a nurse and knows how real emergency wards operate. But here video reports on this event and on the Parkland shootings were disappeared. You can still find some of her other videos on the corruption of the Democratic party by searching with her name and clicking of videos—such as Hillary Clinton stealing the primary from Bernie Sanders.

Good video:

Mandalay Bay, No Victims, Only Crowds On Demand Actors!

Las Vegas False Flag Mass Shooting: Real Casualties and Crisis Actors?

DON’T BE FOOLED!!! The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation….

Victims of Las Vegas Shooting Speak From Their Hospital Beds

Crowds On Demand Recruited Crisis Actors for Las Vegas Event

It should be apparent that despite all the misleading information out there in the Internet world and the corporate media world—that there is still enough needles in the haystack to figure out what the heck is going on—but you have to want to know the truth and you have to be willing to work for it with skeptical attitude—in this case with skepticism equally focused on the mainstream media—and even a lot of what poses as alternative news.




Vegas Massacre (Full Story)- Jim Fetzer, Dean Ryan & Marine John Anderson


Jackpot The House Always Wins

Then there are these two post that were published right after the shooting.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting: False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Staged And Then Hijacked By NWO Globalist Cabal

The bottom line is, that despite all the misinformation and disinformation, Americans must realize that the corruption levels are much higher and more sophisticated than they ever imagined. The fact is that deceit has been used in many successful conspiracies over the last decades—completely deluding the average American. These facts should be alarming to the American sheeple. We cannot continue to ignore these realities. This is but one example of the many faked mass shooting events and far too few people are waking the public up to this as this is about eventually getting all the guns and completely hamstringing any power the tax-paying public has.

Alternative news on the Internet need to start alarming with real truth to counter the real fake news. No political party will come through. This must be done with the common man becoming uncommonly aware—as the word aware is related to the words beware and wary—for good reason.

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