Ghislaine Maxwell: Where did she disappear to?

Where the hell is Ghislaine Maxwell?

by Tiana Lowe
Washington Examiner

Pedophilic predator Jeffrey Epstein may have managed to die before facing justice, but his satanic sidekick and supposed “socialite” partner Ghislaine Maxwell may still prove capable of crushing the house of cards complicit in the pair’s sex trafficking.

That is, if we can find where on Earth she is.

Once upon a time, Maxwell, the British daughter of publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, was a fixture in Manhattan high society. She counted everyone from Ivana and Donald Trump to Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton as friends over the years, but most crucially, Epstein became a cross between a boyfriend and a business partner. Media reports have salaciously referred to her as a “madame.” More realistically, it seems she was a slave catcher who recruited children for Epstein’s sex ring and participated in such pedophilic encounters.

A lawsuit before Epstein’s death accuses Maxwell of firsthand sexual abuse, not simply aiding and abetting Epstein’s predations. Unsealed records from Virginia Giuffre’s testimonies against Maxwell are frankly too disturbing to relay here, but they make clear that while Maxwell prioritized using their victims to fulfill Epstein’s daily sexual quotas, she used them for her own perverse pleasure.

So Maxwell knows where all the bodies are buried. We just have to find her.

Maxwell, who moved to Manhattan in 1991 after her father fell off a boat and died, remained in the city’s social scene for many years even after Epstein’s publicized case privately secured a non-prosecution deal that protected Maxwell and friends. Even though she had been closely linked to Epstein, she faced even less public blowback than him, remaining a tabloid fixture until Giuffre pursued a bold civil lawsuit against Maxwell. The suit was settled in the plaintiff’s favor. The settlement size remains undisclosed, but Maxwell’s legal costs lead her to sell her $15 million New York residence.

As of 2017, her lawyers claim she’s likely in London, but given the threat she poses to Prince Andrew, that seems unlikely. If pressed, no one could provide a more damning testimony to the United States against the accused royal, and it seems unlikely that Maxwell would gamble on her safety by remaining a sitting duck in a city dominated by people with a vested interest in her death.

In an ambiguously sourced report, the Daily Mail claimed that Maxwell has already begun cooperating with prosecutors. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but securing Maxwell’s testimony ought to become priority No. 1 for authorities attempting to clinch justice from the jaws of defeat.


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