Butowsky Legal Complaint Proves Seth Rich Was Murdered For the DNC Hack, Russians Played No Part



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So what were you doing on July 15, America? Oh that’s right, being dragged across the coals of yet another bruising and divisive race-war rehearsal.

Had you only managed to look the other way (but then that would have defeated the purpose of the bloodying diversionary rhetoric), a bombshell of its own was being filed in The United States District Court Eastern District of Texas by Mr. Ed Bukowsky whose relevance to the Seth Rich murder is summarized here:


This is not fevered conspiracy theory. This is a court document, filed under the auspices of an attorney under penalty of perjury. So on the veracity scale it moves up considerably. If you’re looking for tin-foil hat stuff, go talk to the nutty few who still cling to the Trump Russia Collusion narrative.


Page 12 appears, above. However the whole thing is worth a read. Salient points:

1. Seth Rich was the DNC leaker.

2. There was no ‘Russian hack’.

3. Rich has a brother, Aaron who participated in the leak. Suddenly the strange ambivalence of the Rich family –helping to circle the wagon around the DNC and sue Fox, etc. makes more sense. They were protecting their surviving son.

In fact the father tells Butowsky: “he was reluctant to go public with Seth’s and Aaron’s role in leaking the emails because “we don’t want anyone to think our sons were responsible for getting Trump elected.” Wow. Who said blood was thicker than DNC membership dues? Does anyone else smell coercion?

4. DC Mayor Bowzer, Andrew McCabe and Donna Brazille are up to their elbows in a cover-up.

5. It becomes more than plausible that Rich was the victim of a politically inspired assassination.

6. Rich’s electronic devices were opened by the FBI. Whatever was discovered definitively linked Rich to the Wikileaks leaks. McCabe put the contents beyond FOIA release, however that’s done.

7. Rich was murdered July 10, 2016. Assange began releasing the leaked documents 12 days later, on July 22.

Forget about the mere hack fiction with Russia as convenient dupe. Consider a potential assassination lying at the heart of it. Now, if you were the leader of the party involved in this almost bottomless criminality, wouldn’t you run to the well of the House and start flailing all over the place about racism in high places in hopes of sparking a diversionary race war, to such a degree that Steny Hoyer, your own Majority Leader felt compelled to part ways with all the Dram Queening? I mean, your personal power is worth it, isn’t it?

Read it yourself in the links above. Be your own conspiracy theorist.

Excerpts from Washington Post and New York Times articles covering this would be appreciated. I no longer subscribe. One of the reasons I no longer subscribe? There are zero links to this filed complaint, at least on a Google search.



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