Obama’s October Surprise: War on Syria?

Turkey is used by NATO to provoke Syria into war

The USA, in collaboration with NATO and their Middle East allies, have initiated the final phase of their regime change agenda against the sovereign nation of Syria. By many accounts in the Middle Eastern press terrorist provocateurs, in the employ of NATO and operating near the Syrian border, have lobbed mortar fire across territorial boundaries into Turkey giving that nation the pretext to launch a ‘counterattack’.

Where can it all possibly go from here except toward war? Turkey’s standing army is the second largest in NATO and eager to flex its muscles in order to secure its porous and vulnerable territorial borders. Turkey is also chomping at the bit to reassert itself as a dominant force throughout the entire region having been promised by the USA and NATO a much bigger seat at the table … if they invade Syria and do the real dirty work of regime change.

Turkey Attempts to Trigger a NATO-led War against Syria

Here’s a quite telling excerpt from the above article which points out the distinct possibility of a very common phenomenon at work known as the false flag operation — a military deception that has been used to start wars for centuries.

(Per http://www.globalresearch.ca)  

SOURCE: GlobalResearch.ca

“Image: Terrorists operating in Syria pose next to a large mortar. Mortars of all sizes are a favorite of terrorists operating in and around Syria in NATO’s proxy bid to effect violent regime change. The mortars fired into Turkish territory could just as likely have come from terrorists Turkey itself is funding, arming, and harboring on behalf of long-planned NATO machinations. Unlike the Syrian government, the terrorists, Turkey, and by consequence, NATO, all have an actual motivation for launching the initial attack that has caused Turkey to retaliate and predictably call on NATO to intervene.”
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“By way of deception, thou shalt do war”

How often have we seen this strategy of deception employed by the Western military aggressors in the interest of rearranging the geo-political chessboard to accommodate their goals around securing energy resources, oil and gas conduits, and strategic ports? This game is never-ending and always seems to ramp up during times of presidential incumbent doldrums.

Is there anything that can help out a sitting president more toward re-election than a convenient war? As a key member of NATO, the US would be treaty obligated to participate to some degree in this upcoming war. No matter that it would be entirely illegal, and contrived on the basis of a false flag terrorist operation perpetrated by USA-sponsored thugs inside of both Syria and Turkey.

How far the USA will situate itself from the scene of the crime remains to be seen. Working by proxy and through surrogates seems to be the current and preferred tactic for Washington, especially since the stench of engineered war throughout the Middle East has become too much for so many to bear.

This much can be said about the USA involvement in yet another war to effectuate a regime change in a nation which has done nothing to provoke it neighbors, except defend itself against the naked military aggression and state-sponsored terrorism committed by its enemies: That there is a phenomenon known as karmic blowback, which is at work every moment of every day of every year throughout Planet Earth.

As the primary Military Arm of the New World Order, there can be no escaping the consequences by the USA of bringing so much death and destruction to so many people throughout the Middle East. The assassination of Ambassador Stevens in Libya has demonstrated this as never before. This highly unusual incident – the violent death of a US ambassador and his staff – also serves to quite graphically illustrate the tightening of the karmic slack.

In other words, it used to be that when the USA invaded another nation, or surreptitiously carried out a color revolution, the time between the crime committed against the sovereign nation and the inevitable blowback might have been several years or even decades. Now, we see the murder of Muammar Gaddafi taking place on October 20, 2011, and then the assassination of Christopher Stevens taking less than a year afterwards on September 11, 2012.

Hmmmmmm? … … … 9/11 of 2012 seems to be a fairly symbolic date to assassinate a US ambassador on the very same site in which the Libyan rebel insurgency was born. Not to mention the same ‘global’ site of more US meddling than any other place on earth — the Middle East. Oh, but the price that is paid by those who unfortunately happen to live on or by or near oil and gas reserves. When will the West ever learn that taking what is not theirs is known as a crime — theft, Grand Theft or ARMED ROBBERY, when you use a weapon(s) during the act of stealing?

Let’s see what Obama chooses to do with this fairly predictable scenario — a candidate in great need of a new and ‘noble and just’ cause … that mysteriously presents itself just in the nick of time.

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October 6, 2012

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