5Ggate: Senate FCC Hearing a Total Farce and Another Assault on the American People


Submitted by anti-5G advocate via email

…Several questions by members of the US Senate Committee on Communications, Science & Technology did touch on 5G obliquely and limitedly — in mentioning past telecom merger fraud, 5G’s risk of blocking accurate weather forecasting at 24 ghtz or above, and, off-topic but important, the FCC’s attempts, thru cable franchise defunding, to end
free-speech, diverse local public access channels to offset partially at the local level FCC-sanctioned media monopolies. Though very limited in scope, even these marginal questions were not in any way satisfactorily answered by the FCC commissioners, particularly Chairman Ajit Pai, who sweetly and unctuously slithered his way thru any query directed at him, while speaking with his characteristically forked tongue.

At no point during this 2.5-hour farce did any of our alleged elected federal representatives deal meaningfully with the fundamental questions of the FCC’s weaponized 5G juggernaut: 5G health/safety/security; long-standing financial/material fraud, collusion and conspiracy on which this weaponized 5G juggernaut is based; and its violation of the 10th Amendment of the American Bill of Rights declaring that all power not expressly delegated by the Constitution to the federal government belongs to the states and to the people, as well as it violating the Nuremberg Code and universal law.

Not one word was mentioned during this hearing about Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal’s December 2018 press conference with several leading 5G opponents demanding federal government investigations of 5G, nor about this committee’s February 2019 hearing, in which Blumenthal nailed the FCC and their corporate clients on the fact that they had no scientific evidence whatsoever confirming 5G’s health and safety. In fact, Blumenthal himself, as well as his senator co-conspirators, today pointedly avoided any mention at all of this very crucial evidence that he himself had extracted during this aforementioned February 2019 Senate hearing thruout today’s poorly produced black comedy featuring scary clowns in corporate dress attire.

The only thing useful about this otherwise empty exercise of contacting our “elected representatives” before today’s hearing supposedly on 5G safety was, that we now can see what genuine peaceful options we have left to protect ourselves and our communities — and this now clearly does not include “contacting our elected federal/state representatives”:

Raising our frequencies thru prayer and meditation, so as to become less vulnerable to this planned state-sponsored geobiocide; using advanced 5G-mitigating technologies of various types; conventional legal actions, such as the $1 trillion class action suit recently filed by cities, counties and municipal associations against the FCC, as well as the lawsuit also recently filed by the former telecom industry whistleblowers’ group, The Irregulators; unconventional contract law-based mass actions of law such as the Notice of Liability process, about to be launched nationally and internationally by many thousands of people; and last but not least — mass arrests and trips to military tribunals at Guantanamo/other locations for satanic globalist deep state actors — such as those participating in the aforementioned federal farce that I witnessed today.


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