Time to decide if you’ll be a lion or a lamb?

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Folks, forget about the idea that most of the people of the world are “sheeple.” I do not think it’s true. They/we may be somewhat compromised, disheartened, but every day most of us get up and make life work as best we can. This is a time of coming out of the darkness. Soon, and as life becomes more and more unbearable, many will connect their struggles with the face of the oppressor and sheep will become rams. I do see it happening, even if it’ll never be on the nightly news.

Myself, I have compassion for those deemed sheep; I know the harm they’ve endured. I work with them as best I can. But I LOOK FOR LIONS!! I seek them out like an archaeologist searching for artefacts. Rare and hidden sometimes, but there, and sustaining the times. Lions amongst us, unstoppable voices and researchers, undressing the deception and inserting solutions. Seek out the lions, validate and support them. Acknowledge any speck of good they do. It is they who will lead the way out of this tyrannical darkness, they who are often persecuted, who will risk EVERYTHING to not be an obedient and compliant sheep. Seek out the lions.

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