What’s going on at the C.I.A.? Woman arrested at Langley identified as “Agent Penis”!

‘Agent Penis’: Woman arrested at CIA HQ after citing unusual codename

by John Gage  |  Washington Examiner

A woman was arrested this week after trying four separate times to sneak into the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in northern Virginia to speak to “Agent Penis.”

The criminal complaint described the May 3 incident involving Jennifer G. Hernandez, 58, from North Carolina: “Upon arrival, the defendant provided her Iowa identification card, requested to recover her North Carolina identification card, and requested to speak to Agent Penis.”

After a review of records, Officer Mirko Peña — who was not “Agent Penis” — determined that “CIA police officers had encountered the defendant on several recent occasions, and had cited her for trespassing on the prior evening.” Her last three appearances had been on consecutive days.

“Officers then warned the defendant that if she did not depart the premises, she would be arrested. The defendant then declined to board the bus and stated that “l am not leaving.” Officers thereupon arrested the defendant for remaining on an Agency installation after being ordered to leave,” the document continues.

The full document, which is available above, finds that Hernandez did not have any “authorization” to speak with any “Agent Penis.”

On April 22, Hernandez walked into CIA Headquarters in Langley, Va., through the main vehicle entrance. She was stopped by a CIA police officer and said that she had applied for employment at the spy agency and that her “recruiter” had told her to come to the complex.

Then on May 1, Hernandez returned via a Lyft vehicle, and again said she was trying to meet with her recruiter. Officers then issued her a written warning and turned her away. On May 2, Hernandez turned up again, having switched from Lyft to Uber. CIA officers allege that she “stated that she wanted to “speak to her recruiter” and that she knew to come here because her ‘phone was off.'” She was again told to leave.

Hernandez was charged with criminal trespassing in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. She is currently being held in Alexandria city jail.

The CIA has not revealed the true identity of “Agent Penis.”


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