CONGRESSIONAL FIASCO: One after another Democrats call for Barr’s resignation for simply doing his job

No Holds Barred: 2020 Candidates Demand Resignation As Dems Spew Fire And Brimstone During Dramatic Hearing

Update 16: And here are the key takeaways from Wednesday’s hearing, courtesy of Bloomberg.

  • Here are the KEY TAKEAWAYS from today’s Senate Judiciary hearing with Attorney General William Barr testifying about Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and potential obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump.
  • The Democrats on the committee were harsh, calling Barr a liar and Senator Mazie Hirono told him he should resign. Other senators, like Warren and Van Hollen, as well as several House members, including Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, also called for Barr to step down.
  • The Republicans were ready to defend the attorney general. Chairman Lindsey Graham said Barr was slandered from top to bottom, while Ted Cruz praised Barr for his transparency.
  • Barr, meanwhile, was firm in his defense of the president. “Evidence is now that the president has been falsely accused” of colluding with Russians and even of treason, Barr told the panel.
  • Much of the focus of the hearing was a letter Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrote in March, complaining that Barr’s summary of his report was misleading and urging him to release more information immediately. Barr called the letter “a bit snitty,” in his testimony.
  • Barr is scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow, but whether he does remains up in the air.The attorney general has objected to Democratic plans to have staff lawyers question him. No one on the Senate panel asked Barr if he would appear before the House.

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Update 15: After Harris, Graham said he was going to one last go-round and give lawmakers a chance to ask follow-ups before calling the hearing to a close, which he did around 3:15 pm ET.

First, it appears all the Senators running for president who weren’t present at the hearing (or at least those who aren’t polling near the top of the pack), felt obligated to call on Barr to resign via Twitter.

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