POTUS Report Card from an Unhappy Patriot


Glad I didn’t vote!

Questions for everyone who voted for Trump

1. Anyone locked up for sedition, treason, and conspiracy?  Anyone at all?  Nope!  Did Hillary get locked up like he said?  Who couldn’t find 1000 reasons to lock up the Clintons?

2. Wall built?  Any Executive order to cut all welfare funding for illegals?  Nope. More illegals coming in than ever.

3. Did the Republicans accomplish anything at all when they had control of both houses of Congress?  Other than tax cuts benefiting the really rich.  Nope. The major companies spent a record trillion dollars on stock buy backs to keep the stock market propped up.  When Trump was running he said the markets were a over valued bubble and the Fed needs to raise rates.  Now the stock market needs to go higher everyday and the fed needs to cut rates?

4. Any soldiers brought home from foreign wars?  Nope.

5. Any reset with Russia, who is not our enemy?  Nope.

6. Has he done anything about Conservative speech being censored everywhere? Nope.

7. Has he been supportive of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment ? Nope.

8. Has he done anything about the government overspending or the national deficit? Nope.  Worse spending in history!

9. Has he done anything to go after George Soros who is one of the main globalists causing total havoc in the US and around the globe with his NGO’s?  Nope.

10. Has he ordered federal law enforcement to go after AntiFa and the governors of states supporting them?  Nope.

11. Has he backed off on threatening China, Russia,Syria,Venezuela, North Korea, The UK and all of Europe, Ukraine, Yemen, and Africa?  Nope!

12. Has he managed to piss off every country in the world and put sanctions on everyone except Israel and the lovely Saudis?  Yes!

13. A list of all the new allies he’s made to help if World War III breaks out is telling???

— Submitted by F

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