Sundown Immobilizes Serco—SES Weaponized Airliner Murder Spree (Livestream)


FIELD MCCONNELL Announces $315B Lawsuit Against FAA Huerta and ALPA Kalfus by The Children’s Crusade

Submitted by Able Danger

The Children’s Crusade

What: Sundown Immobilizes Serco-SES Weaponized Airliner Murder Spree FIELD MCCONNELL Announces $315B Lawsuit Against FAA Huerta and ALPA Kalfus

When: Mon, Mar 18 from 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT

Description: A nefarious operator corrupted taping of CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT Tuesday, 12 March when retired Delta 747-400 Captain explained how he survived assassination attempt in Kazakhstan in December 2008 and how Boeing can remedy KNOWN DEFECT in 737 Max at Zero Cost. Field is in the UK close to Ethiopian and Russian Embassies and has communicated his $315B Lawsuit against FAA Huerta and ALPA Suzanne L. Kalfus to member of Trump’s White House.  Field has offered to stand as an EXPERT WITNESS FOR BOEING as he did on 18 April 2014 while he was in Kuala Lumpur and an official involved in the MH370 REMOTE HIJACK told Field, face to face, that Malaysia planned to sue Boeing for $1 Trillion. Field immediately replied that he, Field, would offer to be a witness for Boeing as the remote hijack facility was a GE piece of hardware and software. Huerta of FAA and Kalfus of ALPA are, in Field’s belief, accessories to any and all REMOTE HIJACKS occurring after 2159:10 6 December 2010.

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