Is this why so many Boeings 737s are being taken down?


Because the British-French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner — Concorde 4590 — was sabotaged by the U.S. Intel Community and Military-Industrial Complex

Sabotage of Concorde 4590 was one giant leap too far

by Joe Viallis

“Thermite is a stoichiometric mixture of powdered aluminum and iron (III) oxide for the
reaction 2Al + Fe2O3 > Al2O3 + 2Fe The reaction is self-contained and highly exothermic, using the oxygen [O3] within the iron (III) oxide, in combination with the aluminum, to produce sufficient heat to melt iron. Without any need for atmospheric oxygen to initiate or sustain combustion, Thermite generates an internal temperature of 2200°C [3990°F] “


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