This is the Same Coal Ash That’s Used in Chemtrails…for its Toxic Aluminum Content


Yes, they are putting aluminum oxide from the coal fly ash waste product of coal-fired power plants into chemtrail aerosols and then dumping tons of it in the skies across America.

  • Coal ash issue worries N.D. power plants | North Dakota ……

    Jan 03, 2010 · As part of its two-decades-long look at coal waste, the EPA conducted a site visit of North Dakota and other states’ coal waste landfill practices. It released a findings report in 2002.

    • Author: LAUREN DONOVAN Bismarck Tribune

  • Coal Ash Contaminated Sites & Hazard Dams | Earthjustice

    Most coal ash landfills and ponds do not conduct monitoring, so the majority of water contamination goes undetected. According to U.S. EPA, there are over 1,000 operating coal ash landfills and ponds and many hundreds of “retired” coal ash disposal sites. … See the latest news from Earthjustice on coal ash. … b North Dakota. i Ohio. j …

  • Report: Unsafe levels of coal ash contamination found in …

    The Dickinson Press

    22 hours ago · In 2017, North Dakota coal-fired power plants produced 2.7 million tons of coal ash, which must be properly disposed of and monitored. Photo courtesy of the North Dakota Department of …

  • EPA Approves First State Coal Ash Permit Program | Coal Age

    This week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Oklahoma’s application to operate a permit program for disposing of coal combustion residuals, or coal ash, in landfills and surface impoundments. This approval makes Oklahoma the first state in the nation to run a federally approved coal ash permit program.


    Coal Ash Landfills in North Dakota Seven coal-fired power plants in North Dakota store waste in onsite landfills. In 2005, these facilities stored a collective 998,300 tons of fly ash, 340,400 tons of bottom ash, 333,500 tons of sludge and 64,200 tons of other coal combustion byproducts in onsite landfills.vii Coal Ash Contamination in North Dakota

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