Who is sabotaging the Boeing 737s and why?


Someone definitely wants to take Boeing planes out of the skies!

Ethiopian Plane Crash: Black Boxes Found, Crash Similar to Indonesian Crash Last Year ~ Another Boeing 737 Emergency Lands in NJ Sat~ 8 Boeing 737 Maxes Grounded ~ Boeing Stock Takes a Hit (GreatAwakening)

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UPDATE 2: Wow, Another Boeing 737 declared an Emergency today in Houston when one of the engines failed and made an Emergency landing in Houston, TX. All passengers safe. Some passengers heard a bang and/or saw flames from engine:

One passenger on the United flight, Chris Morrison, told Houston media outlets that he heard a loud bang, felt a strong vibration and saw a flash of light.

….Philip Morrow, also a passenger, said he saw flames coming from the engine.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford said emergency responders found no evidence of fire or smoke and that crews were investigating the aircraft Monday…..

WHAT IS GOING ON???? Looks to me like Deep State (or someone) is attacking Boeing. There appears to be no consistency to these sudden rash of emergencies, exclusively involving Boeing 737, that might suggest a design flaw. New Jersey flight on Saturday smoke was reported coming from the cargo area. Now this flight with apparently an engine on fire. Then the 2 fatal crashes where plane nose dives. This all defies probability which suggests human intervention…..someone deliberately attacking Boeing, a Fortune 100 USA Company.

United Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Houston After Engine Shut Down


UPDATE 1 : an anon just posted this article, which might indicate the plane was sabotaged:

Plane crash witnesses: ‘Burning objects were falling’

Witness Gabiahu Pikado told Hadashot 13 that “smoke was billowing from the plane’s rear end, and then it crashed with a boom.”

Maalka Galto, the farmer whose field the plane crashed in, said, “I saw smoke and heard strange noises. Small objects, that looked like papers, fell from the plane. Suddenly I heard a strange sound, the plane made a sudden turn – and it crashed.”

Another eyewitness said, “I heard a loud explosion and then smoke started billowing in the sky. We started to run over, and we were shocked by what had happened. We saw body parts, documents, and passports spread all over. I saw Kenyan identity documents, papers from an American university. I saw photos of Ethiopian and Chinese people.”

“A fire started burning in the plane’s tail. It tried to lift itself up but started moving from side to side. In the end, after it flew over our house, the front of the plane turned down and its tail went up. It crashed straight into the ground and then exploded.”


PS: I just noticed the source of this story is from Israel…..you might want to take with a grain of salt. They found the black boxes a few hours ago, so we should know soon.

PPS: I just found this comprehensive Bloomberg series of articles about this Boeing “crisis”, and not a peep in any of them of witnesses seeing the plane on fire or hearing an explosion. One would think Boeing and/or Bloomberg would be repeating this quickly to reassure nervous passengers, IF IT WAS TRUE. So I think the Israel news article might be disinformation.


I know people were speculating whether this was a “hit” job, but its looking more like Boeing has an automatic pilot problem and possible false wind speed indicator gauge, because Ethiopian Crash is very similar to a crash 4 months ago in Indonesia with the same type of NEW Boeing plane, again all passengers died. There is the same erratic vertical speed, (instead of a smooth ascent,) noted right before the crash. Auto pilot kicks in because it thinks the plane is stalling, and pitches the plane downward automatically into a nose dive to regain air speed to prevent stalling, then the plane crashes. Pilots have been notified to disengage auto pilot if this happens. So they don’t know if pilots forgot to do this, or they did it and it didn’t work, or if there is another problem altogether (bird strike, maintenance issue or other issue). Meanwhile, many countries are now grounding their new Boeing 737 Max planes. Since it is initially looking like a Boeing design flaw, Boeing stock took a beating today. There are sales orders for 5, 000 more of these planes on the books, which will most likely go on hold until investigations can be completed to pinpoint the cause of these crashes.

Cockpit voice recorder, digital flight data recorder from Ethiopian Airlines flight recovered-airlines


Boeing’s stock takes a hit as more Max 8 planes are grounded


Similar Indonesian plane crash 4 months ago:

Indonesia plane crash: flight JT610 plunges into waters off Jakarta

Communication lost with Lion Air plane carrying 189 people minutes after takeoff

Lion Air plane ‘flew erratically the day before it crashed’

Lion Air flight JT610, travelling from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka, lost contact with air traffic control about 13 minutes after it took off, shortly after its pilot had asked to return to base. Flight data showed that it made a sudden, sharp dive into the sea.

The plane was a Boeing 737 Max 8 jet, a new model that was launched globally only last year. The specific plane had been in use for less than three months.

….The flight, captained by Mr. Suneja, a 31-year-old Indian citizen who had worked for Lion Air for seven years, then plummeted more than 500 feet, banked left and continued a roller-coaster ride until slamming into the Java Sea around 13 minutes later.

The erratic flight path appeared to mirror problems the plane had on Sunday night when flying from Bali, and it has drawn attention to the pitot-static system.

Malfunctions in that system are believed to have contributed to the disappearance of Air France Flight 447 over the Atlantic Ocean off Brazil in 2009. And in July, a Malaysia Airlines flight took off from Brisbane, Australia, with covers still affixed to three pitot tubes, causing inaccurate airspeed indications. The plane was forced to return to Brisbane but landed safely….


Black Boxes Found and Analyzed for Indonesian Crash: A Boeing design flaw and crew did not know how to compensate, they did not know to turn off auto pilot when being put into a dive….apparently

The MAX aircraft is the latest version of Boeing’s popular 737 jetliner. It is equipped with an automated system that pushes the nose down if a sensor detects that the nose is pointed so high that the plane could go into an aerodynamic stall.

The crash appears to have been caused by a mix of brand-new technology and cockpit confusion as the pilots fought to gain altitude after an early morning takeoff from Jakarta. The flight crew — at an altitude of just 5,000 feet — had very little time to resolve the issue before the plane crashed into the sea at a reported 450 miles per hour.

The aircraft’s pilots asked to return to Jakarta just two minutes after takeoff, reporting a “flight-control problem” but didn’t specify what it was.

Black box data released by Indonesian investigators showed that the pilots were pulling back on the control column, attempting to raise the plane’s nose, with almost 100 pounds of pressure before they crashed.

Lemme described “a deadly game of tag” in which the plane pointed down, the pilots countered by manually aiming the nose higher, only for the sequence to repeat about five seconds later. That happened 26 times during the 11-minute flight, but pilots failed to recognize what was happening and follow the known procedure for countering incorrect activation of the automated safety system, Lemme told The Associated Press….

Lemme said he was also troubled that there weren’t easy checks to see if sensor information was correct, that the crew of the fatal flight apparently wasn’t warned that similar problems had occurred on previous flights, and that the Lion Air jet wasn’t fully repaired after those flights.

“Had they fixed the airplane, we would not have had the accident,” he said. “Every accident is a combination of events, so there is disappointment all around here,” he said.

Boeing spokesman Charles Bickers said the company is “taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of this accident.”

The company said last week that it remains confident in the safety of the 737 MAX and had given airlines around the world two updates to “re-emphasize existing procedures for these situations.”…..


This is not the exact same model of plane, it is a Boeing 737-800, not a Boeing 737 Max.

Boeing 737 is Forced to Make an Emergency landing at New Jersey’s Newark Airport after smoke fills cargo hold

….The Boeing 737-800, which had 189 passengers on board, was traveling from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Smoke reported on board an Air Transat flight forced an emergency landing Saturday at a New Jersey airport, where the 189 passengers were evacuated by emergency slides. ….

….No fire was found and the cause of the smoke remains under investigation, he said.



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