Open Letter to POTUS regarding the Never-ending Plague of Mass Shootings


Open Letter to POTUS: The Parkland Shooting and Other Mass Illusions

Open Letter to POTUS: The Parkland Shooting and Other Mass Illusions

Jim Fetzer


Mr. President,

As a former Marine Corps officer and retired university professor with 40 published books and hundreds of articles and blogs, I have become one of your strongest supporters. As an expert in conspiracy research, I am, however, completely stunned that you are allowing yourself to be played by fake shootings staged to promote the Democrats’ political agenda.


In my post-retirement research (after 35 years offering courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning), I have brought together groups of experts to dissect Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando, Dallas, San Bernardino, Charlottesville and Parkland, among others. ALL OF THEM WERE STAGED. NONE OF THEM WAS REAL.


They were staged with fake deaths using (what are known as) “crisis actors”, in Boston, crisis actors who were amputees! I know that you are a busy man, so let me offer some videos that substantiate what I am telling you. Here’s one on Sandy Hook:


Here’s one on Parkland, where the kids were sent home at 1 PM because it was a holiday:



And here’s one in which I cover a dozen+ of these “false flag” events:


Please have a staff member review these on your behalf to verify what I am telling you. It pains me to have to tell someone whom I admire beyond words that he has been played. You are doing the Democrats’ bidding by falling for these charades. The 2nd Amendment and the future of our nation are at stake.


I would be willing to travel to the White House to brief you or your assistants on these crucial issues. Frankly, if you don’t stand up for the American people, the country will be disarmed and we will become slaves of the state. There were 19 democides during the 20th C, all preceded by gun confiscation. Don’t let us be the 20th!






James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
McKnight Professor Emeritus
University of Minnesota Duluth
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