AOC Strikes Again—Is she a GOP Trojan horse secret weapon?

AOC Celebrates “Defeat” Of World’s Richest Man’s “Worker Exploitation” As Amazon Abandons NY

Update 3: After more than two hours of radio silence, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who swooped in to take credit for the deal after it was announced late last year, has issued a statement on Amazon’s decision…and as one might have expected, he didn’t hesitate to take a few shots at the Democrats on his left flank whom Amazon has blamed for sabotaging the deal.

Offering a counter-narrative to AOC, Cuomo blamed Democrats in the state senate for sabotaging a deal that “poll after poll” showed was “overwhelmingly supported” by New Yorkers. These lawmakers “put their own narrow political interests above their community” and lost what would have been a great economic boon “not just for New York City, but for the entire region.” They also squandered an opportunity to “diversify our economy away from real estate and Wall Street.”

“Amazon chose to come to New York because we are the capital of the world and the best place to do business. We competed in and won the most hotly contested national economic development competition in the United States, resulting in at least 25,000-40,000 good paying jobs for our state and nearly $30 billion dollars in new revenue to fund transit improvements, new housing, schools and countless other quality of life improvements. Bringing Amazon to New York diversified our economy away from real estate and Wall Street, further cementing our status as an emerging center for tech and was an extraordinary economic win not just for Queens and New York City, but for the entire region, from Long Island to Albany’s nanotech center.”

“However, a small group politicians put their own narrow political interests above their community – which poll after poll showed overwhelmingly supported bringing Amazon to Long Island City – the state’s economic future and the best interests of the people of this state. The New York State Senate has done tremendous damage. They should be held accountable for this lost economic opportunity.”

“The fundamentals of New York’s business climate and community that attracted amazon to be here – our talent pool, world-class education system, commitment to diversity and progressivism – remain and we won’t be deterred as we continue to attract world class business to communities across New York State.”

Over the past four years, one of the dominant scandals in New York State politics has been Cuomo’s feud with De Blasio. But now that the two men have joined forces on Amazon, only to see their work wasted by insurgent “Democratic socialists” and other local progressives, will Cuomo shift the focus of his political vindictiveness that he’s famous for on AOC and sympathizers in the state senate?

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Update 2: Finally, the woman who led the charge against Amazon and its move to Queens has chimed in to declare Amazon’s decision a triumph for all New Yorkers and every committed comrade engaged in the eternal class struggle against our corporate overlords.

She added that if New York had $3 billion to give away to Amazon as a part of this deal, it should be able to find the money to pay teachers and fix the subway.

But while AOC’s grand plan to take the Amazon development money and spend it on the subway is about as fantastical as Trump’s claim that Mexico is going to pay for the wall (because there won’t be any tax revenue, there won’t be any money – maybe somebody should explain that to her), at some point, her constituents will probably figure out that they’ve lost a lot and gained…nothing.

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